GHKKPM 19 January 2022 Written Update | Sai Took a Jibe at Virat over Shruti

GHKKPM 19 January 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Sai informing Virat about Shruti’s critical condition. She tells that she has to sign papers that she agrees to the surgery even after knowing the complications. She addresses Shruti as his wife, upon whom he looks at her with hurt eyes. She thinks that she is not ready to accept that Shruti’s life is in danger, as he loves her dearly and tries to console her. She tells him not to worry as Pulkit is the best doctor and will definitely try his best to save Shruti.

Another doctor also asks her to sign the papers, so that they can start the process of saving Shruti’s life. Pulkit sees her and taunts her about her betrayal. He tells her not to worry as the doctors do not betray like him. Here, Pulkit confirms to Virat that Shruti will be fine.

Meanwhile, the other doctors show their support for Virat by saying that he has come a long way and will definitely come back to his wife. She also tells that their son will also get well soon. Sai recalls the moment Virat thought of having a daughter. Virat is hurt whenever Sai calls Shruti his wife and he looks at her in pain. While Virat and other doctors leave from there, Sai gets emotional and sits down.

Pulkit comforts her and asks why is she doing this, if it is affecting her so badly. She replies that she does not want to walk away from her oath to protect the people. She says that she is struggling to be a good doctor and makes fun of her life by taking such a special case for her first surgery. On the other hand, Pulkit shows his frustration on Virat while she stops him and says that she wants to free Virat from their unwanted relationship. She says that he loves Shruti very much and they have to save her or else she will break.

Pulkit says that he is doing everything just for her, while Sai smiles at him and tells him that he is fine. Virat thinks about the incidents while sitting in front of the operation theater while waiting for Shruti to finish the surgery. He cries remembering Sai’s allegations and wonders why he didn’t believe her? At the same time Sai comes out of the OT and informs him that the surgery went well. She makes fun of him that he tried to hide Shruti from them, but luckily Pulkit operated on her as it was really a serious matter.

Virat further says that ever since they met, she is constantly taunting him. She congratulates him on his child and wife, while he feels pain. Just then Pulkit comes there and tells that Shruti has lost a lot of blood and asks Virat to wait for the final result. Virat expresses his gratitude to Pulkit, while he shows his anger towards her and leaves. At the same time other doctors also come there and tell Virat that they have to keep Shruti for observation.

Sai also leaves from there, while Virat returns to his home. Pakhi comes to him and asks where was he? She shows extra care towards him while he asks her to stay away. Further, Ninad and Ashwini come towards Virat and taunt Sai for his betrayal. Ninad says he doesn’t deserve Sai and has broken her so badly, Virat replies that he is very tired and wants to rest. But, Ashwini also makes fun of Shruti about enjoying her life.

Bhavani says why did he bring Sai to her house when he wanted to marry Shruti. Ninad takes a stand for Sai saying that he is right and asks Virat why doesn’t he leave the house? Virat gets frustrated and questions if he really wants to kick her out? While everyone sees him in shock.

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