GHKKPM 18 January 2022 Written Update | Sai Persuades Pulkit for The Operation

GHKKPM 18 January 2022 Written Update

GHKKPM 18 January 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Pulkit announcing that he will not perform Shruti’s surgery while Sai tries to convince her by reminding her about her work ethic. She says that she sees her father’s figure in her and hence will not question her decision, but will try to persuade him to undergo the operation. Meanwhile, Pulkit is amazed to see her maturity and asks how is she controlling her emotions after all this? To which she smiles with teary eyes and replies that after the death of her father, life taught her how to face dire situations.

Here, Sai tells Pulkit that his father has always given him the freedom to do whatever he wants and decide whatever he wants. She says that she always takes her own life decision and hence will take care of herself in every situation without breaking. Pulkit appreciates Sai’s confidence and says that she will definitely achieve all her dreams.

Sai asks Pulkit to do his job and save Shruti, to which he says that he will feel that she is also involved in Virat’s dirty betrayal. Sai assures that nothing is as he is thinking and says that together they will save him.

Pulkit tells that Sai’s maturity level is twice his age and informs that many people lack it. On the other hand, Shruti blames herself for Virat and Sai’s problem. She gets worried, while Virat calms her down saying that he is responsible for it. He remembers how Sai didn’t trust him and feels bad.

Shruti refuses to get her operation done, while Virat scolds her and asks her to focus only on her recovery. Shruti tells that she is feeling guilty, but Virat tells her not to do so because Sai is a girl who takes her own decisions

without being influenced by anyone else. Shruti asks Virat to speak the truth, to which he replies that he really loves Sai and is hiding the truth from her as he wants to save her. He informs Shruti that if anyone else comes to know about her, they will become straight prisoners and he does not want to trouble Sai.

Later, Virat tells that he can bear all the hatred of Sai to save her. Meanwhile, Shruti reveals that Sai has mistook her child for Virat’s child and this broke her. Virat remembers the moment when the nurse told him about her child in front of Sai. He tells that they cannot do anything for it and asks Shruti not to think about it anymore.

Sai somehow convinces Pulkit to undergo surgery, while the nurse takes Shruti to the operation theatre, while Virat convinces her and asks her to fight for her life. Meanwhile, the second doctor commends Pulkit for agreeing to the operation, while he insists on taking Sai with him to the OT.

Virat also comes there and expresses his gratitude to Pulkit. Meanwhile, the doctor asks Sai to tell Virat about the patient’s condition and she tells him that he has been taken for an operation as his wife’s condition is critical. He feels sad to hear her words and misses their marriage.

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