GHKKPM 17th January 2022 Written Update | Shruti Insists Virat To Tell Sai The truth

GHKKPM 17th January 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Sai having an emotional breakdown, thinking that Virat is the father of Shruti’s child. She cries remembering her moments with him, while Pulkit comes there worried for her. He tries to console her and makes her stand. He shows his anger towards Virat and says how can he fall so low.

Sai tells her that Virat has been having an affair with Shruti for over a year and a half, while Pulkit is shocked and questions whether Shruti is aware of her truth. Sai says that she doesn’t want to think about it as it makes her worried. She says that she cannot believe that Virat has betrayed her so badly. Here, Pulkit announces that he too leaves after Sai’s exit and informs that he will not treat Shruti.

GHKKPM 17th January 2022 Written Update
GHKKPM 17th January 2022 Written Update

Sai calms herself down and thinks of a doctor. She tells Pulkit that the operation is important and only he can do it to save Shruti and her child. She requests him to do so being a doctor. He still denies saying that before a doctor he is human. Sai wipes her tears and requests Pulkit not to mix personal and professional life. Meanwhile, he tries to inform their family about Virat’s betrayal. But, Sai stops her. She says that they will break down and will not be able to bear the truth. She requests Pulkit not to do so.

On the other hand, Shruti talks about Virat being worried. She asks did he not inform his wife about it? She says that Sai must have been deeply shocked to see them like this and she must be thinking wrong about them. She asks him to tell the truth and says that he has already helped her a lot and from here she can handle herself. Meanwhile, Virat asked her what did she talk to Sai? He also tells that there is nothing left between Sai and him. Shruti blames herself for the problem between Virat and Sai.

At the same time, Sai reminds Pulkit of his oath to protect the people. He asks her how can she keep herself calm even in such a situation? She remembers Shruti’s words that her child will be an orphan without her and tells Pulkit that maybe Shruti also doesn’t trust Virat. She gets glimpses of her and Virat’s moments and says that she thought he would be a great father. Later, Sai asks Pulkit to treat Shruti the way he would treat anyone else. She requests him not to associate Virat with her and do her job as a doctor.

Meanwhile, Shruti cries and says that she cannot rejoice over Sai’s misery. She asks Virat to tell the truth to Sai, while he informs Shruti that his relationship with Sai was bad from the beginning. Virat asks Shruti not to blame herself while she says that she too has a family and no one has done anything for her like she did. She says she has a debt on him and says how will she repay it? She insists him to tell the truth to Sai, while he refuses to tell her about his promise to Sadananda.

Further, Virat shouts at Shruti and asks if she thinks she enjoys hurting Sai? He says that he has no faith in her, otherwise she would have waited for him to tell the truth. Shruti refuses to get the operation done, to which he gets furious saying what is she saying? He explains to her the importance of surgery and convinces her to take care of herself. She tries to get up, but he stops and says that Sai is an independent girl and no one can influence her to make a decision. He stops Shruti from blaming Sai and herself for her separation.

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