GHKKPM 16 Jan 2022 Update | Will Sai be Able To Convince Pulkit for The Operation

GHKKPM 16 Jan 2022 Update Plus’ popular daily soap Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein is grabbing the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama. The eagerness to know whether Virat will tell Sai about Shruti’s truth keeps the audience glued to their television screens. In the earlier episode, Virat consoles Shruti by saying that he will reach the hospital before her operation.

Meanwhile, Sai goes inside the cabin to see Shruti’s medical condition. She asks him many questions and then checks the essentials. She gets confused when she doesn’t get his checkup history, which reminds Shruti about the complexities of her life and lies that her husband keeps getting transferred, so she doesn’t get time for a checkup.

Here, Sai scolds Shruti for being careless during her pregnancy and then asks about her marriage. Meanwhile, Shruti questions her about her husband, to which Sai falls silent remembering her separation with Virat. Shruti asks has she got angry? Upon which Sai handles the situation and continues her work.

GHKKPM 16 Jan 2022 Update
GHKKPM 16 Jan 2022 Update

Sai assures Shruti that she will get well soon. Meanwhile, Pulkit discusses the matter with another doctor, who informs him how complicated the matter is but luckily they manage to save both the baby and the mother.

Pulkit says that they have to do the operation as soon as possible and asks to prepare for the operation. Further, Pulkit questions whether Shruti’s family has been informed? To which the doctor replies in the affirmative saying that her husband is aware of the complexity and risk. Then the nurse calls Virat and asks him to come early.

Pulkit goes to Shruti’s cabin and tells her about the operation. She fears the risk to her life, while he comforts her. Just then Virat comes there and both Sai and Pulkit are shocked. Sai recalls all the betrayals and concludes that the woman is Shruti. She thinks that she is the mother of Virat’s child and leaves the room.

Later, Pulkit also follows Sai and announces that he will not operate on Shruti. She too is amazed and then reconciles the dots and concludes that Sai is Virat’s wife. Whereas, Sai breaks down remembering Virat’s betrayal, while he keeps requesting Sai to trust him. Now in the upcoming episode, Sai will confront Virat and inform him that Shruti will be subjected to a serious operation while he keeps staring at her.

Meanwhile, Sai will try to persuade Pulkit to undergo the operation, but he refuses, saying that he cannot operate on the woman who is responsible for destroying Sai’s married life. Will Virat tell the truth to Sai? Will Pulkit be able to save Shruti? Will Shruti reveal her truth to save Sai and Virat’s marriage?

It will be interesting to see what happens next in the show. Stay tuned for more news, spoilers and written updates of Gum Hain Kisoi Pyaar Mein.

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