GHKKPM 15 January 2022 Written Update | Sai has Come To Know The Truth of Virat

Episode starts with Shruti calling Virat and telling him about her operation. He says that he is coming there as soon as possible. He asks her to take rest and goes towards the hospital. Meanwhile, Sai reaches inside Shruti’s cabin and introduces herself as an intern doctor. She explains about herself to Shruti, to which she questions what should he tell her? On which Sai asks her to address him by his name.

She starts asking Shruti about her pain and when it started. She also examines all his vital organs and makes sure that he does not have any other problems. She is confused by not finding Shruti’s earlier medical history and asks her about it, while she remembers her husband’s death and then Virat taking care of her.

GHKKPM 15 January 2022 Written Update
GHKKPM 15 January 2022 Written Update

Here, Sai shows her frustration at Shruti for not getting her proper checkups done during her pregnancy, to which she replies that her husband keeps getting transferred and hence doesn’t get time to get her proper checkups done. Sai scolds her for her carelessness and then starts questioning her about her married life and husband. Shruti answers all the questions of Sai and then asks him if he too is newly married? Upon which Sai recalls her separation with Virat and gets lost in his thoughts.

Shruti notices a change in her behavior and asks her if she is upset, to which she manages herself and replies that she is trying to complete the interrogation session as soon as possible, otherwise her superiors will come and go. Will interrogate him. On the other hand, Sai asks if Shruti has informed her husband? To which she replies in the affirmative and says that she will reach there in some time.

Meanwhile, Pulkit discussed about the patient with another doctor. She tells that the matter was complicated but they somehow saved both the mother and the child. She informs that Shruti’s health is deteriorating, while Pulkit asks about the child, to which she replies that the child is weak but will be fine. Pulkit says that they have to start the operation as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he asks her husband to inform him about the risks of the operation, to which the doctor replies that he has already informed her about the risks.

The nurse calls Virat and asks him to come early, while he assures that he will be there soon. Later, Pulkit along with the doctor enters Shruti’s cabin and asks Sai if he has asked Shruti all the questions. To which Sai gives a positive answer. Shruti gets worried about her life, while Pulkit reassures her. At the same time, Virat enters the cabin, leaving Shruti relaxed while Sai and Pulkit are shocked to see her.

Sai connects the dots and concludes that the patient is Shruti with whom Virat is concerned, while Shruti also remembers Virat’s details about Sai and concludes that she is his wife. Another doctor introduces Pulkit and Sai to Virat and says that he is a great doctor and will operate on Shruti.

Virat wonders how he got Shruti admitted to the hospital which is far from Sai’s hospital, so that they don’t bump into each other. Further, Sai is shattered thinking about Virat’s betrayal and concludes that Shruti is pregnant with Virat’s child. She leaves from there while Pulkit also declares that he cannot work and leaves.

Virat becomes speechless, while the other doctors are shocked and follow Pulkit. While Sai breaks down remembering all the moments with Virat, he too breaks down asking her to believe him. While crying, she asks herself why Virat is giving her such a big punishment.

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