GHKKPM 14 January 2022 Written Update | Will Sai know the truth

The episode begins with Pulkit asking Sai about her feelings for Virat, while she recounts her happy moments with him and replies that it doesn’t matter now. She wipes her tears and confronts Pulkit and says that he has her as her support system and does not need anything else. She tells that she just wants to focus on becoming a good doctor and doesn’t want to think about Virat anymore.

Pulkit shows his pride towards her and makes sure that she will definitely accomplish her goal. He admires how she is such a wonderful student and will do wonders in her field by helping people. Here, Sai gets excited hearing his praises and expresses his gratitude to Pulkit.

Meanwhile, he asks her to come to live with him and Devyani, while she replies that he knows her answer. He keeps on requesting her, to which she asks if he wants her to be with them as he is orphaned and he thinks she can’t handle herself? To which Pulkit denies saying that he knows that she can do everything on her own.

GHKKPM 14 January 2022 Written Update | Will Sai know the truth

Sai says that she doesn’t want to be with Virat anymore and wants to start a new one. She declares that Virat and he had a beautiful relationship which is over now. Meanwhile, Pulkit takes her inside the canteen to continue the conversation. On the other hand,

Pulkit shows his anger for cheating on Virat, while she tries to pacify him by saying that their relationship was based on agreement and Virat has done a lot for her. She says that she even fought her family for her, and expresses her gratitude to Virat. She says that she has every right to choose who she wants to be with.

Sai says that Virat has chosen Shruti over her and they cannot do anything as it is Virat’s right. Pulkit disagrees saying that he cannot keep changing his feelings. He declares that Virat has done wrong and is not ready to talk about it now. Just then Pulkit gets a call from Shruti’s doctor and he asks her to come for the operation immediately.

She informs that during the delivery, her ovary got damaged and urgent surgery is needed to save it. Later, Pulkit agrees to come and inform Sai about it. She asks if she can come to see him so that he can learn as she also wants to become a gynecologist. He agreed to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Samrat angrily confronts Viraat after going inside his room. He grabs Virat’s collar and asks him to tell the truth about Shruti. He yells at her for having an affair and cheating on Sai. Virat tries to convince her, but the emperor keeps scolding her. He pushes her, just then Pakhi comes there and is shocked to see this. She tries to stop Samrat, but Virat tells her to stay away from his word. Samrat leaves from there wishing that he too wants to end his relationship with Virat, while the latter gets hurt.

Pakhi sits with Virat and shows her support towards him. She tries to instigate him against Sai and says that he would never have done this to her. Virat scolds her and asks her to leave. Also, Virat gets a call from Shruti and leaves for the hospital. He decides to tell the truth to Sai and bring her back after Shruti’s operation.

Meanwhile, Sai and Pulkit reach the hospital and discuss the matter with the doctor. Pulkit asks Sai to read the patient’s case and goes with the doctor, while Sai considers the matter complicated and thinks about giving rest to the patient. She prays to God and gets emotional remembering Virat.

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