GHKKPM 13th January 2022 Written Update | Sai and Virat miss each other

The episode begins with Sai carrying his belongings on his way out of the house. She sees Virat and gets emotional. She sees the ring in her hand and removes it and returns it to Virat. She remembers the flashback when Ashwini picked it for her and cries. Virat takes the ring with a heavy heart, while Sai says that it hurts when the heart is broken,

it hurts when dreams are broken and it hurts badly when the expectations are not met. But, when trust is broken then the person is completely ruined. She declares that by his betrayal she has lost all her pride in their friendship and her care for him. They both look at each other and remember their happy moments.

GHKKPM 13th January 2022 Written Update
GHKKPM 13th January 2022 Written Update

Here, Sai walks towards the door to leave and remembers her marriage with Virat. On his way out, he gets the flash to enter the house. Devyani and Pulkit try to stop her but she leaves. Devyani breaks down crying hysterically, while Virat controls himself and starts walking towards his room. Samrat asks Virat to stay, but he keeps going inside his room.

Samrat gets furious, while Virat locks himself inside the room and gets emotional. He says why Sai did not believe him, as he had asked for only a few days from him. He says how can she think that he has betrayed her and says bad things about Shruti.

He then imagines Sai there and gets excited, but soon he realizes that he is imagining. On the other hand, Virat recounts and recounts his happy moments with Sai. Meanwhile, Sai goes inside her college and sees Virat. She cheers and runs towards him, but is saddened to learn that it is her imagination.

Just then a little girl comes there selling balloons. She requests Sai to buy it, while Sai explains to her the importance of studies. The little girl tells of her interest in studies, while Sai offers her some money to help, saying that when they are alone then only studies can help. Whereas, Ninad and Ashwini miss Sai. She tells him to take his medicine, while he shows his anger towards Virat for betraying Sai.

He says that his son has disappointed him a lot, as he has gone against him for Shruti. Further, Ninad reminds Ashwini how Virat was excited and happy to see them together. He says how did he forget that his son was so attached to him. He says that Shruti has changed him, while Ashwini says that things were getting better between Sai and Virat, but suddenly everything changed.

Ninad wonders whether Sai and Virat will be able to reunite or not. Pulkit comes towards Sai, while she is happy to see him and asks him to join. She says that she already knows about the matter, but still if she wants to share anything with him then she can. She tells how she felt that Virat had betrayed her and hence left the house for her self-respect. Pulkit appreciates her and says that she has done right. Further, Pulkit tells that Virat is completely wrong there and declares that everyone is against him.

Sai is worried that maybe he has found his true love and wants to spend his life with Shruti, as she was just a burden to him. Pulkit says that he is proud of Sai, but asks how will she be able to live alone as it is a very difficult task. He gives her his example, while she assures that the whole family and God is also with her. He smiles as she listens to him and then asks if he has feelings for Virat? At the same time, Virat is seen missing Sai.

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