GHKKPM 11th January 2022 Written Update | Sai made a Shocking Disclosure

The episode begins with Sai informing the family members about his decision to leave the house. They are shocked and try to stop him. Samrat says that she cannot go and advises her to solve her problems with Viraat. Meanwhile, Sonali taunts Sai for his behavior and Bhavani scolds him for not caring about his reputation. She asks how the society will treat them if they come to know that Chavan’s daughter-in-law has left the house.

Sai announces that she does not want to come between Virat and Shruti. She asks them to accept Shruti in her place and sticks to her decision to leave. Here, Sonali taunts Sai saying that it is strange that she agreed to leave because of Virat’s second wife. Bhavani also calls Sai a fool and asks him to show her authority over Virat, to which she replies that she does not want to force herself on him. She declares that their marriage was forced and hence it would be right to free Virat from that unwanted relationship.

GHKKPM 11th January 2022 Written Update | Sai made a shocking disclosure

Ashwini cries saying that Sai did not think of her before leaving. She asks why is she punishing Virat for his mistake. She requests Sai to be with them and reminds them of how he helped them when they were in need. Sai was about to hug her but then stops. She wipes his tears and assures Ashwini that everything will be all right. She explains to him that had she not come here as Virat’s wife, she would have given Shruti a chance

On the other hand, Ninad comes forward and says that he will not let her go. He shows his anger on Virat and asks Sai to stay with him. Whereas, she tries to pacify him and says that they have a special bond which will not break even after separating from Virat. She says that she will maintain the same relationship with them even after moving away from home.

Mohit blames himself for everything and says that all this is happening because he had revealed about seeing Virat with Shruti. He feels sad, while Sai tries to reassure him that she is making her decision because of Virat’s behavior. She says that she has always chosen Shruti over her and hence decided to leave her forever. She plans to walk away, while Mohit announces that he must cross over her dead body.

Later, Karishma and Sonali are shocked to hear Mohit’s words. Sonali scolds him never to say such a word. Just then Virat comes there and everyone gets shocked seeing him. Pakhi mocks Sai to gain sympathy that Virat is already at home. Sai ignores him, while Ninad questions Virat and vents his anger on him. He scolds her for having an affair with Shruti, which hurts Virat as his own family is not showing support towards him.

Pakhi concludes that Sai has packed all his belongings in front of Virat, while Samrat asks did he not even stop her? Sai tells that he was trying to make her an emotional flower but she did not come to his words. Sonali taunts Virat reminding him of the society, to which he replies that he only cares about the people close to him.

Pakhi asks Virat to tell the truth, to which he tells them to believe whomever they want. Further, Ninad scolds her for taking a stand for Shruti against her family. They compare Sai to Shruti, while he gets angry and asks them to stop.

Ashwini yells at him for his behavior and also insults Shruti. She takes Sai by the hand and brings her forward. She tells Virat that if she thinks he can bring Shruti inside the house after Sai leaves then he is wrong. She says that they will never accept Shruti and asks Virat to leave the house, leaving everyone shocked.

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