Flames Web Series Season 3 ( MX Player ) Release Date Cast Story Details

All of you must have seen this web series, even if you have not seen this web series, you must have heard its name. Because it is one of the best web series in India. Those who have watched its season 1 and 2 are eagerly waiting for tu season 3. Today, through this article, I will tell about Flames web series season 3 release date cast plot.

Because, this web series has made such a place in the hearts of people that even if people want to forget it, you cannot forget it. You can calculate its popularity by its rating of Imdb, because Imdb has given it a rating of 9.1.

There have been a total of two seasons of this series so far and its first season was released on 5 January 2018 and the second season on 18 October 2019. You can watch its season 1 and 2 on Mx player or Tvfplay app. If you are fed up of watching Bollywood movies or you like to watch romantic movies then you must watch this series.

Flames Web Series Season 1, 2, 3, Story

Flames Web Series Season 2
Flames Web Series Season

In its first season, you will get to see the story of two students named Rajat and Ishita. They both go to a coaching center to prepare for IIT and that is where they meet. Rajat I was very good in studies and he always tops the class. Apart from his studies, he is not interested in any other subject.

As it happens to all of us, the same happened with Rajat. It was only when he saw Ishita for the first time that she became his crush (exactly Shahrukh Khan’s feelings). As the story progresses and Ishita comes to know about Rajat. She too falls in love with him and the story of Season 1 ends there.

In season 2, the story moves forward and they both plan to go on their first date. His story was going like a bullet train. Dating here means beautiful reality things that include sharing time and eating momos in the streets of Delhi. Due to all these reasons, you can also watch it with your maternal uncle.

As the IIT exam of both of them approaches, their relationship starts cracking. On the other hand, their friend Pandey and Anusha’s relationship is going very well, and they are not Russian in IIT, they are preparing for IIT just under the pressure of their family members.

We can also see Rajat and Ishita breaking up in season 3 or both of them taking the relationship forward. We can see anything. But seeing the story of season 1 and 2, I can definitely tell one thing that the story of season 3 will also be very tremendous.

The makers have not made any statement regarding the release date of Flames Season 3. But if media reports are to be believed, its story writing is almost over and its shooting will also start very soon. Seeing all these batu, it seems that this web series will not come this year, it will come next year only.

Because TVF has many unfinished web series work like Kota Factory Season 2, Pitchers Season 2, Panchayat Season 2. You guys will have to wait for few more days for season 3.

You can watch this web series for free on Mxplayer or TVFplay app. Because no one has bought its rights yet. If someone buys its rights in future, then it is a different thing, in this web series also you will get to see all the cast of season 2.

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