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The show ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2’ has been gaining immense popularity ever since its launch recently. The actors of this show Kanika Kapoor and Mohit Kumar have become household name with their roles of Suman and Shravan. While Kanika is being liked as a disciplined girl, Mohit’s style is impressing everyone.

Due to his strong personality, he is being liked a lot among girls. In the new sequence of the show, Shravan impresses Devika, a girl from the Sena family, with his personality.

While he is trying to make his place in the Army School, he befriends the people around him and during this time he comes close to Suman’s best friend Devika. During the shooting of this sequence, Mohit starts reminiscing about his college days and realized that according to this sequence, he used to adopt similar tricks to impress the girls during that time in college also.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 TV Serial Details

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2
  • Title Name: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2
  • Main Cast: Mohit Kumar Vidhi Pandya Kanikka Kapur
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Director By: Jai Basantu Singh
  • Production House: Bindu Moving Images
  • Story By: Dilip Jha
  • Screenplay: Dilip Jha
  • Dialogue: Raghubir Shekhawat
  • Casting Director: Reema Gupta
  • Production Designer: Pradeep Benerjee
  • Editor: Rochak Ahuja
  • Music: Bittu Merchant
  • DOP: Satish Shetty
  • Creative Director: Uday Rakesh Berry
  • Product Head: Vishal Mehra
  • Channel Name: Sony TV
  • Timings: Monday to Thursday at 10 pm
  • Running Time: 20-22 Minutes
  • Starting Date: 10 February 2020
  • Repeat Telecast Time: Not Available
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 TV Serial Cast Name

  • Mohit Kumar: Shravan Malhotra
  • Vidhi Pandya: Suman Tiwari
  • Kanikka Kapur: Suman Tiwari
  • Anurag Arora: Colonel Vijay Tiwari
  • Akshay Anand: Devraj Malhotra
  • Takshi Negi: Avni Malhotra
  • Soni Shrivastava: Kavita Malhotra
  • Mamta Verma: Kavita Malhotra
  • Reema Vohra: Anjali Vijay Tiwari
  • Shubha Saxena: Anjali Vijay Tiwari
  • Khushi Mishra: Kanchan Tiwari
  • Shiva Chopra: Ramesh Tiwari
  • Seema Saxena: Beena Tiwari
  • Kashish Kanwar: Devika
  • Nishant Raghuvanshi: Anish
  • Bhavya Mishra: Chachi

The first season of the show was a huge hit. The characters of Suman and Shravan became well-known names in every household. Now that I am playing the role of Shravan, obviously there is a huge responsibility in it.

But, it is not any kind of pressure or burden. Rather it motivates me to give my best. Not only me, but the entire crew and cast are working hard to make the show a success.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 TV Serial Story

A spoiled and undisciplined civilian teenager, Shravan Malhotra, is sent to an army school to learn discipline, where he meets Suman Tiwari, a thoroughly disciplined and ambitious girl from an army family. Daughter of Devraj’s friend. Initially, the two despise each other because of their different backgrounds.

Shravan Sena and civilians dislike discrimination between students and conflict often leads to this. Suman and Shravan are constantly at each other as they try to prove the other’s point of view wrong. However, despite their constant struggle, Shravan falls in love with Suman. He tries to confess his love to her but hesitates.

Shravan’s father has an argument with Suman’s father, Vijay and both the families dislike each other. A number of incidents happen, increasing this tension. Meanwhile, Suman learns about Shravan’s feelings. She mistakes this for being just a teenage crush and decides to ask him to be her best friend instead. Shravan is saddened by this, but does not despair.

Later, Suman and Shravan practice dance for their school activity. Shravan tries to get intimate but feels awkward, Suman leaves, and Shravan falls for her even more. Shravan finally confesses his love for Suman. Upon hearing the confession, she decides not to keep in touch with him, unaware that underneath, she has feelings for him as well.

Hate has made both Shravan and Suman strangers to each other for the past 7 years. Shravan is now a Captain in the Indian Army. He is considered a courageous man by his platoon. Unknown to him, Suman is now a captain doctor in AMC.

Once a thoroughly disciplined, obedient and cheerful Suman has now grown into a tough rebellious and unruly army doctor who does not bow down to anyone.

The two now live in broken families – Suman’s mother is no more and in her absence, Suman’s aunt’s aunt now has property matters with Suman. Shravan, on the other hand, is struggling to manage his father’s legal complications as well as his uncle who is now a depressive divorcee. Also, Shravan’s favorite cousin (Avni) now avoids him and the rest of the so-called family.

Separately, the two prepare for the final verdict of the lawsuit that was filed long ago by Suman’s family against Shravan’s father. After the jump, both Suman and Shravan meet for the first time because of Suman’s brother Veer who is saved by Shravan. Suman is surprised to see that Shravan has also joined the army.

Also, Shravan gets injured while saving Veer. Sugriva is assigned to treat her injury, during which the two continue to hate each other.

At the same time, Kanchan returns from her hostel after an event management course and Suman’s lawyer Vikram befriends Shravan who inadvertently helps her to impress Suman. Shravan also learns that Vikram and Suman are in a relationship.

The case is decided and Shravan wins the case. Suman is fired because she feels that she cannot give justice to Vijay. At Veer’s birthday party, Suman and Shravan both confess their heart out and how much they miss each other during their tough times.

The confession turns into an argument as he still feels that the earlier punishment given to Devraj is not enough. The next day, Suman again filed the case in the High Court. Vikram notices the feud between the two and thus Suman reveals her past relationship with Vikram but she tells it to be a high school attraction. This upsets Shravan and he vows to trouble Suman.

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