Divyanka Tripathi is The Real Winner of KKK 11 Angry fans raised questions over Arjun Bijlani’s victory

Actor Arjun Bijlani has become the winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. While the fans of the actor are celebrating on becoming the winner, the fans of Divyanka Tripathi are angry. He believes that Divyanka Tripathi deserves more wins than Arjun Bijlani and should have won the trophy.

Let us tell you that the daring style in which Divyanka Tripathi did stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Winner surprised everyone. She was giving tough competition to other contestants in almost every stunt. While Rohit Shetty gave her the title of ‘Magar Rani’ after seeing Divyanka’s courage during a task, in the finale race, the actress gave a tough fight to Arjun Bijlani.

Actually, Arjun Bijlani had a fight with Divyanka Tripathi and Vishal Aditya Singh in the finale stunt of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’. While Vishal quits the stunt, Divyanka and Arjun complete it. There was a difference of only 20 seconds in the time of stunts performed by both. While the difference of 20 seconds made Arjun Bijlani the winner of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’, Divyanka was the first runner-up.

KKK 11 Real Winner is Divyanka Tripathi
KKK 11 Real Winner is Divyanka Tripathi

Arjun Bijlani’s fans are celebrating this victory, while Divyanka Tripathi’s fans are angry. While some people are calling Arjun Bijlani’s victory ‘fixed’, Arjun is calling Bijlani ‘non-deserving’. Fans of the actress are trending ‘Real Winner Divyanka’ on Twitter.

At the same time, in an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times, when Arjun Bijlani was asked about the questions arising on the victory, he said, ‘This is all nonsense. The one who doesn’t win, everything seems to be like this and it happens in every season.

Rohit sir also said that it happens in every season, because when you are in competition and there is a urge to win, then such thinking comes. But don’t you think yourself, when everyone is doing a stunt, the task is being done in front of everyone, everyone’s timing is in front. Now if someone has drawn four flags, then at least six can be shown.

That too in some stunts, someone must have felt that there has been a bias, a little like this happens in every stunt.

Arjun Bijlani further said, ‘Now that the finale stunt happened, everyone knows that I have done more quickly. It was not about being biased or that I had to win. It was not so. Everyone knew that I did the task quickly, you can ask anyone. It depends a little on the number of votes that someone wins.

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