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In this age of social media, neither we have to know nor have any interest in what the face of a man or woman who is in love looks like. But there is no doubt that the character of the character playing the role of a simple man on the OTT platform definitely resembles actor R Madhavan.

This is R Madhavan’s acting or say that it is the face that whenever we see it, we feel that he is exactly like us or someone around us. Madhavan, who reached a point today by playing the game of hit-flop, hit-flop, also understands this. They know what the audience wants in today’s time?

The question will be why these things are the reason why Madhavan’s Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime) web series ‘Breathe’ after hitting hands again on a series which the audience will be surprised to see again.

Let us inform that between the release of his first film ‘Rocketry’ as a director, actor R Madhavan has hit a big hand and has a series ‘De-coupled’ web series in his name which not only tells the challenges of the common man. Rather, it seems to open the layer of marital relationships.

Decoupled Web Series Details

Decoupled ( Netflix ) Web Series
Decoupled ( Netflix ) Web Series
  • Title Name: Decoupled
  • Main Cast: R Madhavan Surveen Chawla
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Director: Hardik Mehta
  • Producer: Vikramaditya Motwane Dipa De Motwane Bhavesh Mandalia Sejal Shah
  • Story and Screenplay: Manu Joseph
  • Editor: Not Available
  • DOP: Piyush Puty Mukul Punia
  • Casting Director: Trishaan Shubham Gaur
  • Production House: Andolan Films Bombay Fables Motion Pictures
  • Available On: Netflix
  • Total Episode: Not Available
  • Running Time: Not Available
  • Released Date: Not Available
  • Filming Location: New Dehli, India
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitle: English
  • Country: India

Decoupled Cast Name

  • R Madhavan
  • Surveen Chawla
  • Sresta Banerjee
  • Apara Mehta
  • Akash Khurana
  • Chetan Bhagat

Decoupled Web Series Story

The basis of the story of the web series is a couple from Gurgaon who, due to lack of time and workload, are unable to give that time to each other, which takes away the bonding between husband and wife.

Let us inform that immediately before this new project, Madhavan was in Dubai where the shooting of his web series ‘Seventh Sense’ was going on. It is believed that this series of Madhavan and Hardik Mehta will reveal the truth of ‘de-coupled’ metro cities, which we see everyday but turn our backs on it.

Madhavan made his debut in OTT in 2018 with the crime thriller web series ‘Breathe’. Acting like Madhavan did in Breathe, people appreciated him a lot. This is the beauty of Madhavan’s acting that whenever he plays his character, he does not feel that there is a huge star. It seems that there is someone among us who is playing the role.

Talking about this new series of Madhavan, let us tell you that Madhavan is currently shooting for his web series Seventh Sense and as soon as this shooting is over, he will be in this. Will start shooting for the new series ‘De-Coupled’

It is worth noting that just a while back, the news was in the headlines that Hardik Mehta is making a web series ‘De-Coupled’ in the production of Vikramaditya Motwani, Bhavesh Mandaliya and Sejal Shah in which Akshaye Khanna will be the lead character.

Now that new information has come out about this popular series of Hardik Mehta. Due to a dispute with the producers, Akshaye Khanna has left this web series and now it was caught by R Madhavan, who impressed him a lot when the story of this series was narrated.

In view of the series, the discussion among the critics is in full swing that if the series is successful then it will give a new impetus to Madhavan’s film journey.

This series, which has become a buzz on social media, is the story of a married couple who lives in Gurugram. There is a lot of fighting between husband and wife and the situation comes to leave each other’s side. But their marriage is not falling apart just because they have an eight-year-old daughter, whom both

Mother and father love dearly and cannot look away from themselves. In this new series, Madhavan is playing the character of a writer who is struggling and desperate for identity. On the other hand, as Madhavan’s wife, we will often see Surveen Chawla, who is often in the headlines due to her hot looks.

Since the USP of this series is to have Madhavan in it. So it is very important for us also to tell that in this era of OTT, R Madhavan is one of the few people who are being taken in hand these days. Currently, Madhavan is busy shooting for ‘Seventh Sense’. Apart from this,

He will also surprise his fans during the release of Hindi and English language film ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’. Apart from this, he is also shooting a biographical drama in which he is not only the lead actor but also the co-producer and director of the film.

However, time will decide whether Madhavam’s upcoming series ‘De-coupled’ is a hit or whether the audience calls it a flop. But as it is present, it is also interesting for Madhavan in this respect. Because a common audience sees them on the screen by connecting with them.

The viewer feels that this story is mine. A lot like this happens around me and it is related to me. Overall, it can be said that by becoming a common man for a common man, Madhavan has caught the common man’s pain and when the situation is like this, no one can stop him from succeeding.

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