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Although there is more than one maharati present on Youtube and more maharathis are going to join here in the coming time, but today we will learn about a Youtuber who is an IITian. Yes, many people think that only ordinary people come to YouTube but this is not true at all. Today you will learn about a Youtuber who has come out of an IIT-Roorkee to become a Youtuber.

While he wanted, he would have passed his life comfortably by taking lakhs of packages. But it is said that Passion Is Everything likewise brought Amit to his Passion Youtube. Some always had a crazy obsession with them on Youtube.

Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma)

Will read biography of a very talented person whose name is Amit Sharma. You might not know them by their names as Amit Sharma’s Youtube channel is named Crazy Xyz. Yes, the owner of this channel with more than 3.8 Million Subscribers is Amit Sharma. Amit, known for his science and Crazy Experiment, is winning millions of hearts today with his Experiment.

personal Information Short

  • Real Name Amit Kumar Sharma
  • Nick Name Crazy XYZ & Amit Date of Birth11 September 2000
  • Birth Place Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan Age (as in 2020) 20 years Birth Sign (Zodiac) Virgo
  • Country India Religion Hindu Caste Brahmin Hobbies Doing Experiments & Traveling
  • Profession YouTuber Marital Status Unmarried Address Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan Famous For His Experiments’ videos

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How to be an IITian-Made Youtuber? Where do Amit Sharma live? In which year did Amit Sharma pass IIT? How much does a video cost? Where did the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting come from? Today you will get the answers to many more similar questions in this post. So read this post in its entirety so that you can know more about Amit. So now you do not waste much of your time, start quickly! Crazy Xyx Biography

Early life of crazy xyz ( Amit )

Crazy XYZ (Amit Sharma)

Owner Amit Sharma of Crazy Xyz was born on 11 September 2000 in Alwar, a large district of Rajasthan. Alwar, which is the best place and most liked district in Rajasthan for tourists coming from abroad.

Born here, Amit used to be very fussy in his childhood, just like he used to crush a 2 wheeled car with a bulldozer in his YouTube videos. Or cut the bottoms of 5 to 6 Cooldrinks together with a Razor.

He used to do some such feats even in his childhood and this is what makes him different from others. Not much is available about his family on the Internet, which is why we would like to apologize to you.

But if we get to know anything related to his family, then we will update you and also would like to say that if you have any information related to his family, then definitely let us know. How did Amit spend his childhood days here, we will go further in writing this.

How was Amit in his studies?

Amit started his studies from the local school in Alwar. Where he used to study with his friends. Amit has always been the topper child of his class, who was always known for asking questions to teachers.

Amit always had different questions from other children in his mind, which also makes him a creative person. After completing his 10th standard, Amit comes to Kota to study engineering. Where he studies IIT for almost 2 years. In the year 2014, by passing his 12th class, he also takes the examination of IIT-JEE.

Where he gets selected in his first Attempt. And they get top 1000 rank. This year, the IIT-Jee Advanced No.1 rankers were also from Rajasthan, they were studying from Kota Chitraang Murdia. By securing the top rank, Amit gets selected in IIT-Roorkee.

After which Amit leaves his birth place and comes to Uttarakhand and stays in IIT Roorkee and starts doing his 4-year engineering from him. Amit earns his engineering degree by doing his in metallic materials engineering i.e.

How and when did amit come to youtube?

It was the year 2015 when he was understanding the power of Internet. He always used to do a lot of Experiment in his college, seeing what he thought, why don’t I also come to Youtube and show my Talent to the people.

At that time, he did not know much about Youtube, even he could not even earn income from Youtube. Just how does Youtube work? Keeping this in mind and in 2015, he created a YouTube channel called Bled Xyz.

Initially, he used to do small experiments on his channel. But as some videos were uploaded on his channel, so did his YouTube channel Growth.

Why rename your YouTube channel?

Why did Amit name his channel Bled Xyz because he used to love things with science. Because of which Xyz was written in the example in many places in his books, and at the same time he used to experiment in his videos which were relieved of cutting things, that is why he kept his channel Bled Xyz.

Now let’s talk about why he changed the name of his channel? Because they later found out that what is now their Experiment does not match the name of their channel and there was a reason that Youtube misunderstood words like Bled. Due to this he changed the name of his channel from Bled Xyz to Crazy Xyz.

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Who’s on the crazy Xyz team?

Crazy Xyz’s team consists of many people who belong to their age. Also, let us also tell you that the cost of making 1 of their YouTube videos is Rs 1 lakh.

And at the same time, if you remove the expenses of your video from the income of the month, then you save about 2 to 3 lakh rupees. Crazy Xyz also has another Youtube channel called The Indian Unboxer where Amit unboxes new things and tells people.

We would like to share the name of 6 members of Crazy Xyz’s team with you and if further members are found out, we will share it too. The names of their team members are Vickey, Mohit, Rahul, Ankit and Kartar.

How is he related to Dilraj?

Dilraj who is Mr. The name of Indian Hacker is famous on Youtube, there are more than 7 Million Subscribers on their channel today. Both Concept of Amit and Dilraj remain exactly the same, both of them do Crazy Experiment of Science on Youtube and also both come from Rajasthan. Because of which both of their fans always ask them to make a collab video.

But due to lack of time, both of them come from Alwar and one from Ajmer, both of them do not collab, but Amit definitely tells his Subscribers that soon we will also be seen together in a video. | We also hope that both of them appeared in a video soon and showed a very crazy Experiment to their fans.

Amit says that his relationship with Dilraj is very good and both always keep talking to each other. With this, we hope Amit continued to grow on YouTube like this and always won the hearts of people with his Experiment. With this, now we would like to say goodbye to you.

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