Charr Charr Hotspot Ullu Web Series Cast

Charr Charr Hotspot is a new web series of ullu apps. The genre of this Ullu Web Series is Drama, Romance. You can watch all the episodes of this web series on ullu app. Hotspot Charr Charr is a Hindi language 18+, Adult and Romance genre web series. It stars Nisha, Karan and Arjun in lead roles along with other supporting stars.

A very powerful part of the net collection is now the story. So, the story of the collection revolves around a newly married couple. Sure enough, the unique trailer of the webseries begins with a romantic moment between the couple on their honeymoon.

They are about to start their fun by holding each other’s hand, but the sound of the mattress creates trouble between their happy moments.

Both of them are completely irritated by this disturbing voice. So the man decides to sell the mattress, but his father refuses to sell it. Then the person finds a strategy to promote the mattress through a web based app.

Charr Charr Hotspot Web Series Details

Charr Charr Hotspot Web Series
  • Title Name: Charr Charr Hotspot
  • Director: Update soon
  • Producer By: Update Soon
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Man Cast: Nisha, Karan, Arjun
  • Available On: Ullu App
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release date: 10 September 2021
  • Season: 1
  • Number of episodes: 3
  • Episode Runtimes: 25 Minutes

Charr Charr Hotspot Web Series Story

After the expected results of Madhosh Diaries Adal Badli, Ullu App released the teaser trailer of the upcoming web series titled “Charr Char”. The series seems to have a promising story, but it cannot be said whether most Owl fans will like the content or not. As the trailer caption released on Instagram reads,

It revolves around the newly married couple Mudit and Chanda. From the first night of their wedding till the duration of their honeymoon, they were very much irritated by the noisy bed that was moaning more than the wife in the picture.

In the end, Chanda made her preference clear by giving her husband the option to choose between a bed and a wife. Of course, Mudit also hated the bed the whole time, but he didn’t say anything because it belongs to his family. He later posted an ad on an app selling used goods.

He wasn’t expecting much for the old bed but he got a pretty deal. Someone is ready to buy an old bed for Rs 17,000.He later posted an ad on an app selling used goods.

He wasn’t expecting much for the old bed but he got a pretty deal. Someone is ready to buy an old bed for Rs 17,000. Later, it turned into a scam and the web series will give you the insight of the story in the best possible way.

The story is of newly married couple Chanda and Mudit. In Mudit’s room, there is a lot of sound of “Charr Char” in the bed. Chanda tells him that I will not stay with you in this room till this bed is changed. Mudit tells this to his friend.

Mudit’s friend advises him to sell this bed online. Mudit liked the idea and publishes the bed online.

After a few days, Mudit gets a deal of Rs 17,000 for that bed. The buyer tells Mudit that he has transferred all the money but midway the transaction fails. For which Mudit will have to send Rs 5000. Mudit sends 5 thousand rupees to the buyer twice. 19 Does Mudit get his money

As usual, the web series Charr Charr consists of 3 short episodes. It can have some scintillating scenes between the actors. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of something bold and banging like Ritvi Riwaz or Palang Tod or Charmsukh series.

Since Ullu web series never reveals the cast before the release of the web series. We don’t know about char variable cast at all. We’re doing our best to find the names you’re looking for. Meanwhile, it has first night scenes and it looks sassy too.

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