Candy ( Voot ) Web Series Cast Name Story Review Details

Voot Select Thriller Series “Candy” starring Richa Chadha and Ronit Bose Rai is all set to release on 8th September. Directed by Ashish R Shukla, the series is presented as a murder mystery.

Which is set against the picturesque backdrop of a boarding school. mountains. While “Candy” stars Bosroy as a teacher, Chadha plays a police officer.

Chaddha, 34, said the show gave her a chance to experiment with her role. Voot Select’s ‘Candy’ is another chance to play a different character of a cop with a vivid character sketch.

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It has been challenging to play a bad cop. Get ready to see how the DSP of Rudrakund unlocks the Ratna Sin. The “Fukrey” actor said in a statement

Candy Web Series Details

Candy Web Series
  • Title Name: Candy
  • Main Cast: Ronit Roy Richa Chadha
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Creator: Agrim Joshi Debojit Das Purkavastha
  • Director By: Ashish R. Shukla
  • Producer By: Vipul D Shah Ashwin Varde Rajesh Bahl
  • Story and Screenplay: Agrim Joshi Debojit Das Purkavastha
  • Dialogues By: Agrim Joshi Abhinav Sharma Debojit Das Purkavastha
  • Editor By: Bodhaditya Benerjee
  • DOP: Faraz Alam
  • Music: Neel Adhikari
  • Costume Director: Shilpi Agrawal
  • Casting Director: Gautam Kishanchandani
  • Creative Director: Farheen Amber
  • Creative Producer: Shashi Shekhar
  • Production Design: Vijay Kumar Vijay Kumar
  • Production House: Optimystix Media Wakaoo Films LLP
  • Available On: Voot Select
  • Total Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Running Times: 35-44 Minutes
  • Released Date: 8 September 2021
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitle: English
  • Country: India

Candy Web Series Cast

  • Ronit Roy: Jayant Parekh
  • Richa Chadha: DSP Ratna Sankhawar
  • Manu Rishi Chhadha: Money Ranaut
  • Gopal Datt Tiwari: Headmaster Thomas
  • Nukul Sahdev: Vayu Ranaut
  • Riddhi Kumar: Kalki Rawat
  • Mihir Ahuja: Mehul Awasthi

Candy Web Series Story

The story is ready in this Candy web series city Rudrakund. This place is very beautiful. But everyone living there has a secret. The two lead actors, Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha will delve into the mysteries of the city.

Ronit is the teacher while Richa is the police officer who has recently been posted at Rudrakund. This city has seen many murders and crimes which have to be solved at the earliest.

A nearby forest in which the students wander and are killed. A monster with red eyes and antennae that gives body to trees. There is also a name: Masanand, the myth of the small town.

A male student turned out to be dead. No one believes his distraught girlfriend Kalki (Riddhi Kumar) until the other girls also display the assault marks left on their necks by Masand.

Bhaiyyaji Ranaut Manu Rishi Chadha, as wicked politician and businessman as can be, sacrifices people and animals like ruthless people.

Vayu Ranaut Nakul Roshan Sahdev, his wayward son who wears a rabbit suit, owns Lick Me Candy and makes candy with drugs. He blinks, blinks, in bed with the police. Literally.

Female DSP Ratna Shankhawar Richa Chadha throws her weight around, too heavy to chase a crook, has the weakness of the blink of an eye, gives her candy back in the blink of an eye. Looks like a serious investigation.

Luca Michael Cantro, Vayu’s companion who doesn’t blink, goes on his own path from the periphery.

English teacher Jayant Parekh Ronit Roy, with greater agility and the ability to deduct, seems more invested in the well-being of students than the police, principal or parents.

His grieving wife Sona Anju Alva Naik who clings to a stone that replaces her dead teenage daughter, speaks the wicked in refined English. Principal Thomas Gopal Dutt Tiwari and a priest in the school chapel, counsel the victim. There is a “Sarji”, who is as mysterious as Masand.

Candy starts out as a whodunit with a sprinkling of fantasy and turns into a psychological thriller. The show, set in Rudrakund, follows a corrupt cop as she uncovers the murder of a high-school student while another goes missing.

On the other hand, a professor convinced that there is more to the crime than meets the eye, begins his own investigation. The series begins with the murder of Mehul Awasthi (Mihir Ahuja), whose body was hoisted on a tree. The whole town is convinced that the murder was of a mysterious creature named Massand.

It is soon revealed that another classmate, Kalki Rawat (Riddhi Kumar), has gone missing. Female DSP Ratna Shankhawar (Richa Chadha) has several leads in the case including a drug racket in the town, but being in the racket herself, she rejects the lead.

A distrustful of the mysterious creature named Massand, Ratna blames Kalki’s father for Mehul’s death. Meanwhile, Jayant Parekh (Ronit Bose Roy), his teacher and mentor, follows a drugs trial and finds that Mehul was investigating the source of drugs aka Candy just before his death.

The eight-episode series keeps you hooked with many twists and turns. The makers have managed to present several well-rounded characters and their own story, which leads to the end that all come together. There are two main characters in the center,

Jayant, a professor who feels for his students after losing his daughter to drugs, and Ratna, a guilt-ridden cop who had a rough past and a child who had to take care of Down’s syndrome.

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