Bhoot Police Movie Budget Cast Name Story Details

Bhoot Police Movie It has been a long time seeing some funny content from the Bollywood industry. But, the wait is over now. Because Disney Plus Hotstar has announced a horror-comedy called Bhoot Police.

Bhoot Police will be the first project when Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor will be in lead roles together. Apart from them, the film stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam. Here we have all the information related to the release date, cast, plot and other details of Bhoot Police.

Bhoot Police Movie Details

Bhoot Police Movie
  • Title Name: Bhoot Police
  • Directed: Pavan Kirpalani
  • Written And Dialogue: Sumit Batheja Pooja Ladha Surti
  • Screenplay: Pavan Kirpalani Sumit Batheja Pooja Ladha Surti
  • Story: Pavan Kirpalani
  • Produced: Ramesh Taurani Akshai Puri
  • Starring: Saif Ali Khan Arjun Kapoor Jacqueline Fernandez Yami Gautam Javed Jaffrey
  • Cinematography: Jaya Krishna Gummadi
  • Edited: Pooja Ladha Surti
  • Music: Sachin Jigar
  • Production Companies: Tips Industries 12 Street Entertainment
  • Distributed: Disney+ Hotstar
  • Release date: 10September 2021
  • Running time: 129 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi

Bhoot Police Movie Cast Name

  • Saif Ali Khan: Vibhooti
  • Arjun Kapoor: Chiraunji
  • Yami Gautam: Maya
  • Jacqueline Fernandez: Kanika
  • Javed Jaffrey: Inspector Chedilal
  • Rajpal Yadav: Goggle Baba
  • Amit Mystery: GM Hari Kumar
  • Jamie Lever: Lata
  • Saurabh Sachdeva: Ullat Baba
  • Yashaswini Dayama: Guddi
  • Girish Kulkarni: Santo
  • Rupesh Tillu: Vinod

Bhoot Police Movie Story

The story is about the pair of Vibhuti played by Arjun Kapoor and Chironji played by Saif Ali Khan. Both of them are on a mission to catch ghosts and to do so they have to cross a forest. There is creepy and scary environment in the jungle. Looks like the book that appears in the trailer will play some important part.

Horror is a genre in which Bollywood has not got much success so far. In recent times, many filmmakers have also experimented with the horror-comedy genre and only a few films have hit the right place.

Among them, Stree was, perhaps, the most memorable outing with a scathing feminist commentary on the age-old fear of audacious and aspiring women. Bhoot Police comes from a director who has experimented with the horror genre in his previous films Ragini MMS, Darr The Mall and Phobia.

Only this time, director Pawan Kriplani has forayed into the horror-comedy arena. Are there ghosts or is it just our ‘superstitions’ that lead us to believe in something that is not obvious? Bhoot Police largely revolves around this theme and entertains the audience with cracker one-liners and constant spooks or at least they have tried.

Tea garden owners Maya Yami Gautam and Kanu are sisters Jacqueline Fernandez. Vibhuti’s career goals include women Anybody’s My Type, they say and money.

The younger brother wants to carry forward the legacy of his revered late father Ulat Baba by doing noble deeds. Can the two help the spirit-rich-bankrupt sisters who hunt in the night?

Director Pawan Kriplani’s horror comedy has its moments but the childishness is outweighed by the strangeness. The contextual one-liners on nepotism and the go-corona-go references are hilarious. The setting and the idea, grab your attention from the very beginning. Saif Ali Khan speaking the dialect of an unknown village with an English accent,

There is unintentionally funny in that unique Saif voice. His knack of going for ludicrous characters, off the beaten track is commendable. But the intention and effort can be amusing to an extent.

His performance makes you controversial here. He comes across as an odd mix of trying too hard to be funny and making absolutely no effort to invest in his character. Arjun and Yami are honest, the only actors who have understood the assignment. Jacqueline and Saif seem like tourists in Dharamsala, who chose to act as an entertainer in this film.

Stree was a good example of merging elements of horror and comedy without looking too frivolous. Bhoot Police hopes to make fun of the hypocrites who dupe people. It hopes to mock superstition and superstition and eventually ridicule its own premise. The story is not the issue, as much as the inconsistent idea behind it.

While almost everything fails, the only comedian who really makes an impression here is Jamie Lever, the talented daughter of Johnny Lever.

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