Bell Bottom | What Lara Dutta told Akshay Kumar about Indira Gandhi’s look

Akshay Kumar’s film Bell Bottom is set to release in theaters on August 19. Recently the trailer of the film was released. After watching the trailer of the film, if anyone attracted the most attention, then it is actress Lara Dutta Lara Dutta is going to be seen in the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in this film.

Recognizing Lara Dutta in Indira Gandhi’s look was very difficult in the trailer. Regarding this transformation, Lara says that she could not recognize herself in the mirror.

Lara Dutta did not think that she would be able to play the character of Indira Gandhi on the big screen, but thanks to Akshay Kumar, she got this role and she gives full credit to Akshay Kumar.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Lara Dutta while talking about her look said – Last year Akshay had offered me to play this character. He had told that he is casting for the film Bell Bottom and he wants to play Indira Gandhi in the film.

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Lara Dutta could not recognize herself in the mirror

She was surprised to hear that the actress tells. He says- Hearing this, I said that how did you think about this character I would be able to play, because in real life we ​​would have only one thing that matches.

But it was clear that he will manage it all and he needs an artist who can justify the body language of the character. I give full credit to Akshay because he saw in me what I had not seen before.

Lara Dutta was very excited to play this character. He says that he has tried to give his 100 percent to play this character. Lara further said- Any actor is eager to play an iconic character like Indira Gandhi on screen. Once I agreed to play this role, I had a huge responsibility to look like her on screen.

He said that we worked with Vikram Gaikwad to create this entire look. He first made a complete mold of my face and then did prosthetics. Beyond prosthetics, a lot of work was done for facial aging, wrinkles.

Especially with her hair. Certainly, Indira Gandhi’s hair was a part of her personality. We did it all together and did a look test and we were surprised to see the result. I could not recognize myself in the mirror.

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