Bell Bottom | Marjaawaan The song is being copied on social media

Akshay Kumar is bringing the spy action thriller Bellbottom to the theaters on August 19. The trailer of the film has arrived. The first song Marjaawaan has also been released. The song .Punjabi Mix is ​​in Hindi and the romantic style of Akshay and Vaani Kapoor is worth watching.

The 3.20 seconds long song is sung by Anees Kaur Gurnazar. The beautiful location of Scotland has been shot well in Marjawan. The song is also making a splash on YouTube. However, controversy is also being seen regarding the poster of Marjawan.

On social media, people alleged that the makers have stolen the idea of ​​the pose in the photo. The photo of which the poster is being said to be a copy is also being shared on social media.

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Bell Bottom | Marjaawaan

Seeing both the photos in the whole controversy, it seems that how people unnecessarily make issues of things. Actually, Akshay Kumar is hanging outside on the door of the train on the poster of Marjaawaan. Vaani Kapoor is leaning on Akshay’s chest with his feet. Similar photo is also of Instagram influencer. The pose is almost the same.

Now it is not known whether such poses are also copyrighted or not. But this pose now seems common. Some people also shared pictures on social media. In Bahubali fame Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam, a pose has surfaced in a similar fashion. The whole controversy seems unnecessary.

The way questions are being raised on the poster, if that is the basis, then the copyright of whoever shot in the films, laughing out loud, crying, all the fight scenes first should be considered. Kissing or intimate scenes of films will also be considered theft, which are almost the same in all films.

Seeing the controversy that arose related to the song Marjaawaan of Bellbottom regarding the almost common pose, it can be said that perhaps people do not have a problem with the poster, but the real reason for the problem is Akshay Kumar. It is not understood that when photos of examples of such poses already exist, then how can Akshay’s pose be called theft.

Bell bottom is the first Bollywood film to release in theaters after the second wave of the pandemic. It will be shown in many parts of the world including Delhi. However, the film will not come to theaters in those parts of the country where no decision has yet been taken to open theaters regarding Corona. Bell bottom is also the first film in this case whose shoot started and ended during the pandemic itself. The film is directed by Ranjit Tiwari.

Bell bottom’s is based on the country’s alleged covert operation against hijackers in the 80s. It is said to be inspired by true events. Apart from Akshay Vani Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Hama Qureshi are going to be seen in the role of strong supporting cast in the film. Lara Dutta plays the character of Indira Gandhi. Her look is also being appreciated a lot.

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