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Colors Television’s new serial ‘Bawara Dil’ is being liked by the audience very much. The promo of this show was already released, which was well received by the audience. The show premiered on 22 February at 10:30 PM on Colors TV. The show is quite popular among the audience. The show filled with romance and family drama is entertaining the audience a lot.

The channel did a unique publicity stunt for this serial. Actually, in Valentines Week, posters with ‘Siddhi Hates Shiva’ were put up at the intersections of Gomti Nagar in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Seeing these posters, people were speculating that someone had betrayed the girl.

Many memes were also made on this poster. On social media, people wrote funny captions with the picture of the poster. However, later the real story behind this poster was revealed.

This story is of Siddhi and Shiva, whose thinking is completely different from each other. Yet both are bound by the strings of fate. Where Shiva (Aditya Redidge) is a hot-tempered boy. On the other hand, Siddhi (Kinjal Dhamocha) is a settled, calm and idealistic girl. Siddhi and Shiva are closely related to each other and both are like fire and water.

But the fate of both was written to be different. Something happens that vermilion is filled in the hands of Shiva in the demand of Siddhi. In such a situation, how will the vermilion in demand be taken for accomplishment? Will there be love between both of them after this incident or will the hatred of both start

Bawara Dil Serial Details

Bawara Dil Show Timing
  • Serial Name: Bawara Dil
  • Main Cast: Aditya Redij and Kinjal Dhamecha
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Randip Shantaram Mahadik
  • Producer: Nikhil Seth
  • Story: Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Dialogue: Anil Deshmukh
  • Editor: Ram Naidu Vishal Mahatre Pankaj M Singh
  • DOP: Anil Katke and Mangesh Mahadik
  • Background Music: A V Prafulla chandra
  • Music: Vijay Gawande
  • Costume Designer: Anirban Haldar
  • Jewelery Designer: Mansi Manoj
  • Art Director: Bikesh Jaiswal
  • Sound Recordist: Shivaji Tripathi
  • Executive Producer: Vishal Upasani
  • Creative Director: Siddharth Manisha Khan vilkar
  • Set Designer: Vinod Bagh
  • Production House: Happy High Production
  • Channel Name: Colors TV
  • Show Timing: Monday to Friday at 10:30pm
  • Running Time: 22-25 Minutes
  • Starting Date: 22 February 2021
  • Repeat Telecast Time: Not Available
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India

Bawara Dil Serial Cast Real Name

  • Aditya redij: Shiva Lashkare
  • Kinjal Dhamecha: Siddhi Gokarna Lashkare (Shiva’s wife)
  • Kiran Karmarkar: Yashwant Lashkare (Shiva’s father)
  • Smita Saravade: Mangala Lashkare (Shiva’s mother)
  • Ruchi Tripathi: Sonal Lashkare/ Soni (Shiva’s sister)
  • Vibhavari Pradhan: Vijaya Lashkare (Shiva’s aunt)
  • Dinesh Vadhya: Bunty (Shiva’s cousin brother)
  • Gandhar Kharpudikar: Bablu (Shiva’s cousin brother)
  • Sumukhi Pendse: Akkabai
  • Sharad Ponkshe: Ishvar Gokarna (Siddhi’s father)
  • Mrunal Deshpande: Malini Gokarna (Siddhi’s mother)
  • Siddhesh Prabhakar: Sagar Gokarna (Siddhi’s brother)
  • Dhairya Gholap: Sarkar Deshmane (Akkabai’s son)
  • Neeraj Goswami: Gaurav Inamdar (Siddhi’s fiancĂ©)
  • Vihan Verma: Vinay (Siddhi’s friend)
  • Aakanksha Sakharkar: Akshita (Siddhi’s friend)
  • Tushar Phulke: Akkabai’s secretary
  • Radha Sagar: Girl for whom siddhi files in police complaint

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