Baal Veer Returns Season 2 Serial Cast Real Name Salary

The first season of Baal Veer kept saving the children and making them aware of the dangers. Around a hundred episodes were made out of this season and became very popular. Now after four and a half years the new season is starting, so the kids watching it have grown up now. Therefore, Baal veer will also end the evils of the world. The show, which started on September 10, still has lakhs of fans.

The serial’s Vipul Shah and Neeraj Vyas told that it has been four and a half years since the first season ended, even after this, Baalveer is still one of the most searched shows. Seeing this, in January and February this year, the idea came to our mind why a second season should also be made.

After that we started working on it. For about six months, our different teams worked hard on its story, selection of actors, graphics. This hard work will entertain you a lot now. This will be the smartest looking show on TV. Its graphics will give a real feel.

He said that the river of content is flowing in today’s TV shows. In the last three to four years, people have seen a lot of content. This is not a science show. This is a pure entertainment show. Which will now be seen by people of all age groups. That is why its theme will now be Baal veer, the protector of the world. Its first episode, which aired on Tuesday, has also received immense support from the people. The serial will air from September 10 at 9 pm on SAB TV.

Sony SAB said that SAB TV was acquired by Sony in 2003-04. Since then we have been continuously seeing that many channels have been going back and forth in the ratings, all have remained in their place for the last fourteen years. Even today family members say that we can leave our children alone with SAB TV. Hearing this brings peace to the mind.

Baal Veer Returns Serial Details

Baal Veer Returns Season 2
Baal Veer Returns Season 2
  • Serial Name: Baal Veer Returns Season 2
  • Channel Name: SAB TV & Sony LIV
  • Produced By: Optimystix Entertainments
  • Start Date: 5th April 2021
  • Telecast Timing: Mon-Fri at 7:00 PM
  • Repeat Telecast: (SD)Mon-Fri at 12:30 AM and 7:00 AM
  • Repeat Telecast: (HD) Mon-Fri @ 1:30 AM, 4:30 AM, 6:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 3:30 PM, and 5:30 PM

Baal Veer Returns Serial Cast Real Name And Role

  • Baal Veer Dev Joshi Happy/Kaal
  • Vivaan Vansh Sayani Baal Veer
  • Timnasa Pavitra Punia Villain
  • Baal Pari Sharmilee Raj Pari
  • Paani Pari Bhaweeka Chaudhary Pari
  • Jwala Pari Urvi Gor
  • Vaayu Pari Nandani Tiwary
  • Bhaymaar Aditya Ranvijay Timnasa’s Side kick
  • Duba Duba Shridhar Watsar Baalveer’s Best Friend
  • Jabdali Atul Verma Timnasa’s Side kick
  • Dhwani Pari Anuradha Khaira
  • Tauba Tauba Shridhar Watsar Bambal’s Side kick
  • Ananya Anahita Bhooshan Baalveer’s Love
  • Bambal Roshan Vimarsh Fish
  • Milsa Shweta Khanduri Bambal’s loya list
  • Ray Shoaib Ali Baalveer’s brother
  • Queen Tia Gandwani Queen of Shwet Lok
  • Khushi Khushi Bhardwaj Karuna’s Daughter
  • Sutli Girpade Sia Bhatia Vivaan’s Friend
  • Birba Ayesha Khan Shinkai’s Scientist
  • Karuna Jaya Binju Tyagi Vivaan’s Mother
  • Masti Pari Krutika Desai Pari
  • Chinti Mishra Aarna Bhadoriya Chintu’s Sister
  • Chintu Mishra Abhay Bhadoriya Chinti’s Brother
  • Rinku Yachit Sharma Vivaan’s Friend

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