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Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is an Indian child artist. Actress Jannat Zubair is the younger brother of Rahmani. TV serials like Jodha-Akbar, Meri Pehchan and Chakravarti Ashok Samrat have shown their acting prowess in famous TV serials.

Ayaan was born on 21 August 2009 in Mumbai. Ayaan Zubair Rahmani’s father’s name is Zubair Rahmani who is an artist by profession. Like her sister Jannat is quite famous. Ayan is currently a student of Oxford Public School in Mumbai.

Ayan Zubair’s Movie Career

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age

He also got work in films but he could not make much recognition in his film career. So that’s why Ayan’s father thought that he would teach his children from the beginning and make a very big actor. After the birth of Jannat, as soon as they became a little wiser, both of them started taking classes in the house.

He has taught and acting since childhood, then Ayaan. Jannat and Ayaan’s father used to take them wherever they auditioned. Jannat had a problem in her initial time but Ayaan was confident from the beginning.

His father has a big hand in Jannat and Aayan’s successes. Ayan got the job early due to having an outstanding background. It was his talent that got him work. Ayan has done 12 TV shows and edits so far.

Apart from this, Ayaan has also acted in two films. These two films of his came only in 2019. Tiger and Hrithik’s film War has played Tiger’s childhood. But it was a very small role. And he was praised in the role of Alia Bhatt’s younger brother in Gully boy. Ayaan received a lot of prolificity on Tik Tok apart from the TV show.

He is quite known as Jannat’s brother on Tik Tok. But not all of you will know that the person who brings Jannat by insistence on Tik Tok is Ayaan.

Short Biography of Ayaan Zubair Rahmani

  • Real name: Ayaan Zubair Rahmani
  • Surname: Ayaan Zubair
  • Identity: Jannat Zubair Rahmani’s younger brother and Child Artist
  • Business / Profession: Child Artist
  • Date of birth: 13 August
  • Age: (until 2021) 12 years
  • Birth place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Current Home Address: in Mumbai
  • Religion: Islam, Muslim
  • First TV show: Jodha Akbar (2013)
  • Current Serial: Kasak
  • YouTube Channel Name: Ayaan Zubair Rahmani
  • Subscribers: 1 lakh 7 thousand
  • YouTube channel starting: 21 october 2019

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TV Advertising Career Ayaan zubair

Ayaan’s acting began with the TV show Kamashilay. He had done many additions, including many companies. surf-excel frooti Like he shot frooti ed’s Bollywood with Sharukh Khan. Ayaan’s TV career started in 2012.

When he played a small child in the TV show Shayashat. Then he was 4 years old. After Shayyat, Ayan played the child Shalim in Jodha Akbar in 2014. Ayaan’s performance in Jodhaa Akbar was awesome.

TV show career!

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age

Then in 2015 Ashoka Chakraborty played the role of Draupad in 2016. In 2016, he played the role of Prahlad in Sankat Mochan Hanuman, in 2017 played Chimanji in Peshwa Bajirao serial and Chandrashekhar in Chandrasekhar serial in 2018. And in 2018, she played the character of Shantanu in Teri Galiyan Show.

This was his famous show. Apart from these shows, he has done many TV shows, after the TV show, he has got work in two films only in 2019. This film was War and Gully boy Ayan says that he has another film to come. In which he is going to play the lead role.

He told that in this film, there is a child who puts a hairstyle on his parents. Ayan wants to make a successful director and producer in addition to the actor. For which he is still preparing for the film Ayaan Var and Gully boy, in addition to the film when he was 6 years old when Satan came in the film.

He came in the role of Kalki’s childhood. Ayaan has also received the Best Child Award for 100 Global Child Producers like 2020. Jannat says that the videos she made with Ayaan are mostly viral.

facts about Ayaan Zubair Rahmani

Ayaan started his acting career with the Jodha Akbar TV serial, currently he is seen in a serial called Kasak.

Sister Jannat Zubair has gained popularity. Ayaan Zubair Rahmani was seen in most of his sister’s videos before Tick Talk was banned, while Team 07 is also close to it.

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is a child artist so his net worth will be valued from the parents’ property. Please tell father Zubair Rahmani Rahmani is also a TV actor. His total assets are about one crore rupees. Talking about monthly income, you earn about one lakh rupees per month from YouTube and TV serials.

In 2019, Ramji Gulati’s music video Tere Bin Kive Aayi, featuring Mr. Faasu and Jannat Zubeer in the lead character. There was a small role in this video.

While Ayaan Zubair Rahmani remains active on social media, there are about 8 lakh followers on Ayaan Zubair Rahmani’s Instagram according to 2020. On YouTube, there is a channel named Ayan Zubair Rahmani. In which Jannat and Ayan make their life style videos. One lakh subscribers of that YouTube channel have been completed.

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age
Ayaan Zubair Rahmani Age

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