Arvind Arora biography (a2 sir) wife family Age height weight income wiki

Arvind Arora is mainly from Gujarat and currently lives in Bengaluru. Arvind Arora is well known as an excellent chemistry teacher and a brilliant motivational speaker on YouTube, has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel VEDANTU NEET MADE EJEE.

He has more than 3.5 million subscribers on the Motivational channel A2 motivation. Arvind Sir is also associated with Vedantu, the renowned teaching hub of the edutech world. Competitive exams like NEET, JEE, Aiims are prepared on Arvind Sir’s channel.

Arvind Sir was born as a normal teacher after the MSc. He turned down the best package of 1200000 for teaching students on YouTube for free. Arvind Sir’s journey started mainly from 2018 and he joined Vedantu in January 2019. The journey of Arvind Sir’s life is very motivational and inspiring. Arvind Sir always says “Look at the dream with open eyes and follow it”. Today, if we said this teacher, along with Arvind Sir Kamal is a motivational speaker and an inspirational brand.

Arvind Sir is a very good teacher of chemistry and due to chemistry he has also been awarded the Best Teacher Award. Whether in organic chemistry or in organic or physical, Arvind Sir is a master teacher of chemistry.

Arvind Arora biography

Arvind Arora biography
Arvind Arora biography
  • Full Name: Arvind Arora
  • Nick Name: Arvind
  • Birth Place: Gujarat, India
  • Current City: Bangalore, India
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Nationalism: Indian
  • Career Start: 2018
  • Profession: Teacher, Youtuber, Instagram Star
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Shoe Size: 8 inches
  • Favorite Actor: Amir Khan
  • Favorite Sport: Cricket
  • Favorite Meals: Burger
  • Favorite Sports Person: Virat Kohli
  • Favorite Color: Blue

Arvind Arora Age, Height, Weight

Arvind Arora Sir is the 2nd educator of India Youtuber whose youtube channel is named Vedantu Neet

made EJEE..Arvind Arora Sir do daily gym to keep himself fit and Arvind Arora Sir’s

Looking at fitness, no one can guess his age and how old he is.

Arvind Arora Sir’s Age is 35 years. Friends, I told you this with an unusual view, Arvind

Arora’s head can be above 35 and can be of little use.

Arvind Arora Sir is very tall due to which Arvind Sir feels very good. Arvind Sir has Height 5 Foot 8 Inch.

Arvind Arora Sir is very fit, so his total weight is 64 K.g.

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Arvind Arora Family

  • Father Name: Not known
  • Mother Name: Not Known
  • Girlfriend Name: not Known
  • Siblings: Not known

Arvind Arora Girlfriend & Wife Name

  • Wife name: not known
  • Girlfriend Name: not Known

Arvind Arora Net Worth, Salary

Arvind Arora Net worth is 50 Lakhs. Arvind Sir’s main income source is Youtube, Instagram, Sponsorships.

Arvind Arora Qualification

Arvind Arora biography

Arvind Arora Sir has obtained Master of Science Degree.

Arvind Arora is not only a chemistry teacher but he is also an amazing motivational short video creator on Instagram and YouTube. His short video is so famous that recently, 1B billion views have been completed on his Motivational channel. It is the most commonly found by any teacher or by an educational creator.

He has made a distinct identity in the hearts of people with his shot videos, uploading an amazing 50-second Motivational video to YouTube every day, which people like very much and so people on Arvind Sir’s Motivational Channel at a very fast pace Are joining
Let us tell you that Arvind’s head used to upload Motivational short video on tik tok earlier. There were also many Follwer in tik tok.

Arvind Sir credits his success to his parents, vedantu and his students. Many students take inspiration from Arvind Sir’s life story and aspire to be like him. Arvind Sir’s personal life has never been made public, so we cannot tell you much about his personal life.

Follow his more than 2.5 lakhs on arvind Arora instagram id where he shares Motivational short videos and Motivational lines daily. In 2020, Arvind Sir launched his own merchandise A2 merchandise where a wide range of t-shirts and hoodie are available.

If you also want to join this amazing personality, then follow them on Instagram or you can also follow them on their YouTube channel A Square Motivation.

We all need to know about the amazing personality, teacher and brilliant motivational speaker like Arvind Arora, so you should share the clog in it so that all the people, from small to big, can give free education by Arvind Sir for the betterment of the society. Let everyone know.

You will get all the real information related to Arvind Aroa in this article.

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