Anupama Serial Cast Real Name salary Story Details

Anupama has become a popular TV show on the small screen. Since its airing, this serial has been able to make a mark in the TRP world. The story of this show revolves around the struggles of Anupama’s life coming from a moderate family.

Rupali Ganguly is playing the role of Anupama in the show. Back to back twists are being shown in the show to keep the audience entertained continuously.

The story had to change after the star cast came to Corona positive. Since then the audience was losing their interest in this serial. But once again the twist of the show has inspired the audience towards itself. In the show you will see Vanraj wants to annul his divorce with Anupama. Eventually Vanraj realizes that his true love is not Kavya but Anupama.

On the one hand, Samar and Nandani are getting engaged in the show, while on the other hand Vanraj accepts his mistake and wants to end the divorce with Anupama. But Anupama denies this, she gets angry on Vanraj after hearing this.

She wants Vanraj to marry Kavya. Vanraj accepts his mistake, he gets emotional and pleads before Anupama with folded hands. Apologizes to Anupama and asks her to give her a second chance to rectify her mistake.

Anupama is shocked to see Vanraj in a scattered state. Vanraj apologizes to Anupama and falls at her feet with folded hands. Anupama breaks down seeing all this and embraces Vanraj.

In the show, Vanraj finally realizes that his true love is not Kavya but Anupama. The show has taken an interesting turn. In such a situation, now it has to be seen whether Anupama forgives Vanraj? Stay connected with our article to know the answer to these questions.

Anupama serial details

Anupama Serial Casts
  • Show Name: Anupama
  • Channel Name: Star Plus & Disney+ Hotstar
  • Produced By: Director’s Kut Productions
  • Starting date: 13th July 2020
  • Telecast Timing: Mon-Sat at 10:00 PM
  • Repeat Telecast: Mon-Sat at 3:45 AM, 9:00 AM, and 11:30 AM

Anupama Serial Cast Real Name And Role

  • Anupama Rupali Ganguly Mother
  • Vanraj Shah Sudhanshu Pandey Anu’s husband
  • Pakhi Muskan Bamne Anu’s daughter
  • Samar Paras Kalnawat Anu’s young son
  • Paritosh Aashish Mehrotra Anu’s elder son
  • Hasmukh Shah Arvind Vaidya Vanraj’s father
  • Leela Shah Alpana Buch Vanraj’s mother
  • Devika Jaswir Kaur Anu’s old friend
  • Bhavesh Mehul Nisar Anu’s brother
  • Kavya Gandhi Madalsa Sharma Vanraj’s friend
  • School Principal Annu Kapoor School Principal
  • Alpaa Sarita Joshi Sanjay’s mother
  • Varsha Ekta Saraiya Vanraj’s sister
  • Sanjay Patel Paresh Bhatt Dolly’s husband
  • Mrs. Parul Sharma Payal Kapoor Nair School Principal
  • Jignesh Shekhar Shukla Leela’s brother
  • Kinjal Dave Nidhi Shah Paritosh’s Girlfriend
  • Nandini Iyer Anagha Bhosale Samar’s love
  • Mrs. Rakhi Dave Tassnim Sheikh Kinjal’s mother
  • Anirudh Gandhi Rushad Rana Kavya’s husband
  • Jilmil Bhakti Chauhan Servant
  • Pramod Dave Farukh Saeed Kinjal’s father
  • Kamini Tulika Patel Leela’s daughter-in-law
  • Siddharth Desai Vivaan Singh Rajput Pakhi’s school mate
  • Yogi Adhvait Khanna Apurva Agnihotri Doctor

Anupma Casts Salary

Anupama Serial Casts

Rupali Ganguly: TV actress Rupali Ganguly plays the lead character of Anupama in this serial. She plays an illiterate woman who takes care of the entire family well. According to media reports, she charges 60 thousand rupees for an episode.

Sudhanshu Pandey: Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of Anupama’s husband Vanraj Shah in the serial. Sudhanshu gets 50 thousand rupees per episode for this role.

Madalsa Sharma: Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter-in-law Madalsa Sharma plays the role of Kavya Anirudh Gandhi in this serial. She looks very beautiful on screen and does a great job. She is being seen as Vanraj’s love interest. Madalsa charges 30 thousand rupees for an episode.

Ashish Mehrotra: Ashish, who is seen in the role of Paritosh Shah, the elder son of Vanraj and Anupama, is also being liked a lot. He also charges 33 thousand rupees for an episode.

Paras Kalnavat: Actor Paras Kalnavat, who is seen in the role of Samar Vanraj Shah, the younger son of Vanraj and Anupama, gets 35 thousand rupees for an episode.

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