Anupama 5th January 2022 Written Update | GK took a promise from Anupama

In today’s episode, Anuj and Anupama walk on the road. Anupama looks at Anuj. Anuj holds Anupama’s hand while walking, which leaves her shocked. He says that he doesn’t know why he is holding her hand. Anuj asks Anupama if he can hold her and walk as he does not want to leave her. Anupama and Anuj walk together.

Kavya asks Malvika why she clings to Vanraj. She tells Malvika to stay away from Vanraj. Malavika tells Kavya to take rest as she is not going to snatch her husband. Kavya gets irritated with Malavika. Malavika offers Kavya a job. Vanraj refused to work with Kavya.

Kavya asks Vanraj what is his problem if he will work. Vanraj says he has problem if she will work with him. He asks to find some other work. Kavya gets shocked. There Anuj helps Anupama to wear her saree properly. Anupama is shocked.

Anupama 5th January 2022 Written Update
Anupama 5th January 2022 Written Update

To fix Anupama’s sari pleats, GK pulled Anuj’s leg. Anuj asks GK if he actually indirectly proposed to Anupama. GK praised Anuj’s courage. Anuj worries whether Anupama felt bad. GK says Anupama didn’t react, that means she feels something too.

Shah is also stunned. He feels how Leela shared her swing with Malavika. Kavya sees Leela and Malavika. She decides to throw Malvika out of the house before taking up her post at Shah House. Kavya decides to use her order. Anupama tells GK that she will confess her love for Anuj only when Malvika and Anuj’s relationship gets fixed.

Anuj sees GK and Anupama sharing a conversation. He wonders what they are talking about. GK gets impressed by Anupama. He further takes a promise from Anupama that if no situation comes in its place then she will not wait for the right time to propose Anuj. He asks her to confess love directly. Anupama assured GK. Anuj asks Anupama about her conversation with GK. Anupama avoids talking.

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