Anupama 18 January 2022 Written Update | Anupama supports Nandini

Anupama 18 January 2022 Written Update In today’s episode; Anuj tells Anupama that Samar may have got angry with Vanraj but his heart is like his mother. He says that Samar will not be angry with Nandini for long. Anuj decides to help Anupama with her problem. Anupama decides to talk with Samar and thinks that he must have calmed down by now.

Leela asks Nandini to calm down. Nandini accuses Shah of being silent in Kavya’s case like Anupama. Paritosh asks Nandini to speak softly as there is no point in getting angry. Nandini says that no matter how politely he talks or shouts, no one will support him. Pakhi interrupts and asks him not to misbehave with Vanraj. Nandini asks Pakhi not to interfere.

Anupama 18 January 2022 Written Update

Pakhi asks Nandini not to talk as she is yet to become his sister-in-law. Nandini says that she doesn’t want to be his sister-in-law either. Samar says that he too will not welcome her. Nandini and Samar have a verbal argument, at which Nandini accuses them of not supporting Kavya as Anupama was not involved. There Anupama decides to wake Malvika.

Anuj smiled seeing the heart shaped paratha. He feels that Anupama has prepared for him. Here, Nandini keeps supporting Kavya. Samar breaks his relationship with Nandini. Vanraj tells Nandini to move on as Samar has already broken up with her. He says that Nandini was never suitable for Samar.

Paritosh, Leela, Hasmuk and Kinjal ask Vanraj to calm down. Vanraj threw Nandini out of the house. Nandini was about to fall and Anupama supports her. Here, Anuj sees the heart shaped paratha and wonders if Anupama loves him equally. Malvika asks Anuj if he is talking with food. They fight over the heart shaped paratha. Anuj and Malvika share a paratha. He misses Anupama. Malvika worries about what will happen if Anupama leaves her because of her family issues.

Anuj finds Malvika’s concern to be genuine. Anupama asks Vanraj how he can misbehave with a young girl. Vanraj says that he can get a lot of girls for Samar. Anupama says that Nandini is also a good match for Samar. Vanraj tells Anupama that Nandini is abusive. Anupama says this is not being rude. She extends her support to Nandini. Vanraj tells Anupama that Nandini was fighting with him.

Anupama asks Vanraj why he didn’t handle the situation. Vanraj tells Anupama that Nandini and Samar’s relationship is not worth it. Anupama scolds Samar for breaking the relationship. she supports nandini

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