Anupama 15 January 2022 Written Update | Are Anupama Samar And Nandini

Anupama 15 January 2022 Written Update. In today’s episode; GK, Anuj and Malvika laugh. Anupama comes and tells them that she is going back to her house. Anuj tells Anupama that this house also belongs to him. Anupama says Anuj is fine and he should go now. GK says that he wants to stop her but cannot find proper reason. Anupama tells GK that she will keep coming to meet him. She further says that she has prepared different types of food for them.

Anuj tries to stop Anupama. There, Nandini says that if everyone is forgiven then why not Kavya. Says Samar because Kavya is wrong. Nandini says Vanraj is equally wrong but Kavya is always accused. She says that Anupama only supports Anuj and his family. Says Samar because Anuj and Malvika are far better than Kavya. Both argue with each other. Samar asks Nandini to think again before marrying. He claims that Kavya has provoked Nandini.

Anupama 15 January 2022 Written Update

Nandini and Samar part ways. Leela shares Samar and Nandini’s fight in front of Vanraj and Anupama which leaves them shocked. Malvika tries to stop Anupama. Anupama tells Anuj, GK and Malvika not to stop her or else the society will talk on her back. Malvika asks Anupama not to talk about the society.

Here, Pakhi waits for Anupama’s call. Paritosh asks Pakhi why she is waiting for Anupama’s call. Pakhi spoke about her dream of pursuing higher studies in the USA. Paritosh decides to help Pakhi in her studies so that she can get a scholarship. Anuj tells Anupama that Malvika needs him. Anupama gets convinced and decides to stay. Anuj warns Anupama that he should never talk of leaving her. The two shared an awkward moment.

Later, Anuj thanks Anupama for handling Malavika. He feels bad that Anupama was also a victim of domestic violence. Anupama tells Anuj about her conversation with Vanraj. She reminisces about confronting Vanraj for committing domestic violence. Vanraj claims that he never raised his hand on her. Anupama says that domestic violence is not about beating up someone but also about beating one’s heart hard. She says that he has always insulted her.

Anupama says that she has moved on in her life, but does not forget what she has done to him. Vanraj tells Anupama that he has already apologized to her. Anupama asks if one sorry can fix everything.

Vanraj asks Anupama what she wants in return. Anupama asks Vanraj to change himself. back to reality; Anuj feels proud of Anupama. Leela tells Anupama about Samar and Nandini.

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