Ananya Pandey was caught with Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan

Everyone knows Chunky Pandey ji very well in today’s time. Talking about Chunky Pandey, he has earned a lot of name, respect and money in his Bollywood life. This is the reason why even today the fan following of Chunky Pandey is very high. Just a few days ago, Chunky Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey was caught in a lot of troubles, due to which everyone was questioned by the police about her. In the present time, once again Chunky Pandey is very much dominated on social media.

This is because the unheard relationship of Chunky Pandey ji’s beloved daughter Ananya Pandey came to the fore, due to which her boyfriend is being told. Something happened that recently Chunky Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey was seen at the airport with some unknown person and even before this Ananya Pandey has been seen many times with this boy, which clearly shows that Ananya Pandey is the boy. is in a relationship with. Let us tell you with the help of this article, who is this boy, on whom Ananya Pandey’s heart fell.

Ananya Pandey was caught with Shahrukh's son Aryan Khan
Ananya Pandey was caught with Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan

Everyone in the Bollywood world knows Ananya Pandey. Talking about Ananya Pandey, she has no shortage of anything in today’s time because her father Chunky Pandey is a big Bollywood star, due to which her father Chunky Pandey also has crores of assets but still today. In this, Ananya Pandey has become self-dependent because she has hit all the films in Bollywood so far.

Ananya Pandey is in a lot of discussion about her personal life on social media these days. This is because Chunky Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey’s heart has come over a boy named Ishaan Khattar, due to which she is spending her time with him for a long time. Ishaan Khattar is also an actor who does web series and AIDS etc. Let us further tell you about the relationship between Ananya Pandey and her boyfriend Ishaan Khattar in this article.

Ananya Pandey is currently in a lot of discussion on social media about her personal life, due to which everyone is talking about Ananya Pandey. Talking about Ananya Pandey, at present everyone is being in the headlines because of

her boyfriend Ishaan Khattar, because she spends a lot of time with them and recently both the airports have also been seen together, due to which it is being told that It was that Ananya and Ishaan had gone to celebrate the new year together. The picture of both of them together has been quite viral on social media.

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