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Amrit pal Singh is an Indian October. They make fact, tech related videos on YouTube. They give good information in each of their videos. Every video people like them very much. If you do not know about Amrit pal Singh, then let me tell you.

Amritpal Singh Biography

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Amrit pal was born on 20 September 1996 in Bulandshahar Nagar. And Amrit pal also had a brother who lived in New Zealand and a father-in-law of amrit pal who was an ASI in the police.

At that time, in 2010, amrit pal studied in 8th, then after 4 years, 2014 amrit pal 12th passed MD in Pupilik School which was in Raisi Nagar.

Amritpal singh’s youtube career

Then amrit pal started watching YouTube to spend his time, then he started getting active in it. During the beginning of amrit pal youtube, his biggest problem was due to copy right strike. Amit pal did not violate any YouTube Community Guidelines.

Father of Amrit pal said that you will not be able to go to your elder brother on youtube, you will not be able to do anything. If you had to watch, you used to make videos on amrit pal youtube and also watched farming.

His videos were reported by his own friends, who also had YouTube channels, but were not growing at all. He also received some minor strikes from YouTube, as he used a lot of vulgarity in his videos. But at one point of time, his channel was almost shut down, after which, he stopped using vulgarity.

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It is believed that his introduction, which is considered a bit vulgar, as it includes “pussy”, Amrit pal TECH icons, a second channel called Creative Banu, a vlogging and skit channel and a third channel called BWT Plays, which is a gaming channel.

He mainly produces informative videos, with little cramps. Sometimes, he himself makes the video fun so that he can put a little bit of cramp in it.

He also makes videos based on major mysteries like bermuda triangle and area 51 etc. Hardly disclose any information about himself. Previously, he used to edit on a small laptop, but now he edits on a professional editing software on a new laptop.

Kya baat hai kya baat hai (English: “Wow”) is a series in which Amrit pal tells about 10 random facts. It is inspired by FactTech’s Top Engmatic Facts series. Intro to the series was previously the title song of Hardy Sandhu’s Hindi song “Kya Baat Hai”, but is now a small skit showing a woman saying the name of the song at the beginning of the music video.

At the end of the series, Amrit pal asks a puzzle and posts the answer as a short video on his Instagram account asking his viewers to comment whether they “know the answer or not”. BWT amrit pal also used to play BWT play Amrit pal Is another channel launched by them exclusively for gaming. Currently, there are only a few videos on the channel.

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