American Idol Contestants 2021 List Top 100

The serial American Idol 2021 was televised on ABC on February 14, 2021, on Valentine’s Day with its first episode. The makers had already wrapped up their audition rounds in October 2020. Out of them, these top 40 will perform in front of our 3 judges and out of them, our judges will select the top 20 singers for this season by giving them golden tickets.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are judging this serial on American Idol 2021. We will also have Bobby Bones as our mentor this season. This season will also be hosted and presented by Ryan Seacrest.

Now we saw the 10 selected contestants from last season (American Idol 2020) withdraw to compete for a second chance in The Comeback Round. Arthur Gunn was also selected among them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic not only in the US but around the world, the series offered its first live virtual audition to interested contestants through its Idol Across America program, which also used custom-made Zoom technology. Was, now the way the auditions were taken in the last season,

But one had a homely atmosphere. Remote auditions from August 10 to October 28, 2020 in 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. as well as several open-call auditions. And out of these, the makers selected only those contestants who can audition well in front of the judges.

American Idol 2021 Series Details

American Idol 2021 contestant
  • Title Name: American Idol 2021
  • Hosted: Ryan Seacrest
  • Judges: Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie
  • Winner: Chayce Beckham
  • Runner-up: Willie Spence
  • Country: United States

American Idol 2021 Contestants List

  • Grace Kinstler: Lakewood, IL Eliminated: Top 3
  • Willie Spence: Douglas, GA Runner-up
  • Chayce Beckham: Apple Valley, CA Winner
  • Casey Bishop: Estero, FL Eliminated: Top 5
  • Caleb Kennedy: Roebuck, SC Withdrew: Top 5
  • Deshawn Goncalves: Cleveland, OH Eliminated: Top 10
  • Alyssa Wray: Perryville, KY Eliminated: Top 10
  • Arthur Gunn: Wichita, Kansas Eliminated: Top 7
  • Cassandra Coleman: Columbia, TN Eliminated: Top 10
  • Hunter Metts: Franklin, TN Eliminated: Top 7
  • Alana Delsherm: Lakewood Ranch, FL Eliminated: Top 24
  • Alanis Sophia: Dade City, FL Eliminated: Top 16
  • Andrea Valles: Houston, TX Eliminated: Top 24
  • Anilee List: Los Angeles, CA Eliminated: Top 24
  • Ava August: Laguna Niguel, CA Eliminated: Top 12
  • Beane: Boston, MA Eliminated: Top 12
  • Cecil Ray: Rockdale, TX Eliminated: Top 24
  • Colin Jamieson: Boston, MA Eliminated: Top 16
  • Graham DeFranco: Rockwall, TX Eliminated: Top 16
  • Hannah Everhart: Pickens, MS Eliminated: Top 24
  • Jason Warrior: Chicago, IL Eliminated: Top 24
  • Liahona Olayan: Vineyard, UT Eliminated: Top 24
  • Madison Watkins: Los Angeles, CA Eliminated: Top 12
  • Mary Jo Young: Cleveland, OH Eliminated: Top 24
  • Wyatt Pike: Park City, UT Drop-out: Top 16
  • Christina Daugherty: Knoxville, TN Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Will Pellerin: Nashville, TN Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Malachi Mills: Atlanta, GA Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • John Okafo: Chicago, IL Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Mignon: Nashville, TN Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Vanessa Dominguez: Orlando, FL Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Ryan Romano: Washington, MI: Not Selected
  • Laila Mach: New Paltz, NY Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Joshua Kuntz: Arkansas: Not Selected
  • Reh: Los Angeles, CA Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Anthony Guzman: Bay Area, CA Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Abby Le Baron: Springville, UT Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Brianna Collichio: Spencerport, NY Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Simeon Taylor: Iowa City, Iowa Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Cheryl K: Los Angeles, CA: Not Selected
  • Dreion: Omaha, NE Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Olya Lvova: Los Angeles, CA: Not Selected
  • Mason Picks: Winston Salem, NC Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Zoe Levy: Miami, FL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Lambo: Orlando, FL Not Selected
  • Nia Renee: Arkansas Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Sofia Gomez: Miami, FL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Sade Frame: San Diego, CA Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Alexis Arai: Nashville, TN: Not Selected
  • Taylor Sackson: Tempe, AZ Eliminated
  • Ronda Felton: Milwaukee, WI Eliminated: Shows toppers
  • Alex Miller: Lancaster, KY Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Nastachia: Hollywood, CA: Not Selected
  • Celeste Butler: Southern California: Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Mikayla Jackson: Minnesota: Not Selected
  • Katelyn Myers: Tahlequah, OK: Not Selected
  • Sloane Simon: Pittsburgh, PA Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Nicole Acosta: Miami, FL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Tryzdin: Columbus, OH Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Pajama Josh: Boca Raton, FL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Jamie Grace: Phoenix, AZ Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Henry Thompson: Scottsdale, AZ Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Monica Leah: Brooklyn, NY Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Jackson Snelling: Austin, IN Not Selected
  • Julian Cunningham: Sacramento, CA Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Steven Paul: Los Angeles, CA: Not Selected
  • Claudia Conway: Washington, DC Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Adriel Carrion: Cumming, Georgia Eliminated: Shows toppers
  • Xavier Washington: Atlanta, GA Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Aeden Alvarez: Hong Kong: Not Selected
  • Sadie Leigh: Fort Washington, PA: Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Miranda Kitchpanich: Seattle, WA: Not Selected
  • Benson Boone: Monroe, WA Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Presley Barker: Traphill, NC Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Ashlyn Ruder: Nashville, TN Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Amanda Mena: Boston, MA Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • McKayla Marie: Eugene, OR: Not Selected
  • DJ Johnson: Lindale, TX Eliminated: Showstoppers
  • Danica Steakley: N/A: Not Selected
  • Mario Adrian: Miami, FL: Not Selected
  • Ammon Olayan: Nashville, TN Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Yurisbel: Miami, FL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Calvin Upshaw: Marks, MS Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Ace Styles: Tulsa, OK: Not Selected
  • Samantha Sharpe: Basking Ridge, NJ Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Tom McGovern: NYC: Not Selected
  • DZaki Sukarno: New Mexico Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Christian McGuckian: Easley, SC Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Jeremias “Mias” Williams: Apopka, FL Not Selected
  • Erika Perry (ET): Sasche, TX: Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Timmy Skelly: Sandwich, IL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Michael Gerow: St Louis, MO Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Cameron McGhar: Clanton, AL Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Anthony Key: Not known: Not Selected
  • Murphy: New Orleans, LA Eliminated: Shows toppers
  • Heather Russell: Toronto, CA Eliminated: Shows toppers
  • Liv Grace Blue: Los Angeles, CA Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Zachary D’Onofrio: Tampa, FL Eliminated: Duet Challenge
  • Vahhley: Brooklyn, NY Eliminated: Genre Challenge
  • Althea Grace: Chicago, IL Eliminated: Shows toppers

Now Hollywood Week was performed at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California from December 7 to 10, 2020. Style and couple challenges are also taken from previous seasons which have returned. This season’s genres were indie folk, pop, rock, R&B, soul and country.

After all the contestants performed in their respective groups, the judges brought them on stage and pronounced their decisions. Who has taken it even further in the Duet Challenge. Unlike the previous season, where the contestants chose their duet partners and then the judges chose them. The couple had 24 hours to rehearse, which included the advice of a judge. The remaining contestants who passed the Duet Challenge were able to enter the showstopper round.

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