After The Death of Vipin Rawat, He is Being Made The New Army Chief

Once India is operational again, it is necessary to protect the body, to protect the body. The strongest and mightiest for the world is powerful and dangerous that this country will also attack India. There are three armies in India, Army, Navy and Air Force. Inno armies are strong in their own public department.

The Government of India has led these three to one leadership. This was recently updated and updated to let you know when CDS Officer Vipin Rawat Ji Loing Thane was the first to be updated at a time. After the death of Vipin Rawat ji, recently the hunters will be selected in that place. ️ Telling Telling Telling It’s Government of India’s Government

Vipin Rawat
After the death of Vipin Rawat, he is being made the new army chief

Vipin Rawat ji was a great human being of India. That’s why Vipinath Rao ji is the officer of the officers of India. Let us tell you that now Vipin Rawat ji is in our midst. So he was liked because he was liked so he was liked and he was liked so he was replaced. Vipin Rawat ji was in the uniform of the Indian Army in his last days.

Something went wrong, it will happen to your family that in the middle of the journey, this incident will happen and you will die. From Vipin Rawat to the biggest post of the army but after coming, the post will become vacant. Recently, the Government of India has selected someone else for this important post, let us tell you who he is.

A very important CDS officer of the Indian Army has passed away, due to which recently the Government of India has appointed someone else in his place for this post. Let us tell you that the name of the new CDS officer who has been appointed by the Government of India is General Naravane.

General Naravane is none other than the Chief Officer of the Indian Army and he has now been given the post of CDS, which is considered to be the biggest post of the Indian Army. General Naravane ji is a very brave officer who has done a great job as the Chief Officer of the Indian Army for many years and this is the reason why he has been assigned such a big post.

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