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It is said that dreams are fulfilled only by those who dare to see them and today we will know the story of one such person who not only fulfilled his dream but now he has become the dream of other people. So in this article of today, we will know about such a person, which it is not enough to say just one person. Because he has done such feats in his life that no normal human being can possibly think of doing, and in particular it is that that person is still doing such feats even today.

Yes, we are talking in the cricket world. AB De Villiers, known as 360. Who was born abroad, but became a native of heart. Who does not know them in any sports game of the whole world. Those who believe in the hearts of millions of people AB De Villiers is today famous all over the world for showing his cricket game. But very few people know about his life story. So that’s why we have written today’s article on the demand of our audience, which is going to be very interesting. So let’s start AB De Villiers Biography now without any delay

starting Life and Family

AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers, known all over the world as Mr.360, is by name Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, he was born on February 17, 1984 in the city of Bela-Bela, South Africa. Where AB De Villiers was the youngest son of his parents’ three sons born in a very middle class family. So he has two other brothers older than him, whose names are something like this – Jane de Villiers and Wessel de Villiers.

If we talk about the parents of AB De Villiers, then we will know that his father’s name is Abraham BD Villiers, who has been a doctor. At the same time, his mother’s name is Dee Villiers, who used to do property dealing work, as well as taking great care of his family. You will also get to know AB De Villiers’s studies.

How were AB De Villiers in studies?

Although AB De Villiers is the champion of the cricket field, as if showing his game like a video game player, you are surprised to know that AB De Villiers is not only the champion of the cricket field but he plays many more. Have been maharathis. Also, if we talk about it from the beginning, then we will know that AB De Villiers has also been a champion in studies, even he has got a National Award from Sir Nelson Mandela for making a project on science subject.

AB De Villiers began his early studies at Warmbaths Primary School, then moved to Pretoria City in South Africa for further studies where AB De Villiers took his admission to Afrikaanse Boy’s High School, becoming his best friend here. Du Plessis with whom AB De Villiers played cricket for South Africa for many years. AB De Villiers is seen running on the cricket field today,

just like he had won the fastest 100 meter race in his high school, which he could not break till now. And AB De Villiers was not going to stop here, but you will get to know more. Well, let us also tell you that AB De Villiers just completed his high school education because when he was getting admission in college, his selection was made in the South African cricket team, due to which he only went to high school. Be able to read

How AB De Villiers made his debut in the cricket world?

There are very few people who know that AB De Villiers had a great interest in playing tennis since his school days. The reason he initially wanted to become a tennis player, and it does not end here, AB De Villiers was so serious about playing tennis that he used to stay in it day and night, due to which he kept playing tennis till the national level. Is But it is said that God definitely gives you a chance to choose your best.

Similarly, when AB De Villiers was in a tennis game, then suddenly one day his left leg was twisted, due to which he had to quit playing tennis again but AB De Villiers was about to stop. He was very impressed after seeing his friend Faf Du Plessis, and he also started getting interested in cricket. Gradually, AB De Villiers also started playing cricket, after which as if there was a strange passion on his head that now I have to play cricket, now with this same passion, AB De Villiers has become a master of cricket.

Started And yes, very few of you would know that AB De Villiers, who is a right-handed bestman and does very good batting, initially he was a bowler and used to bat with left hand but his coach gave him right hand He was happy to bat and asked to achieve mastery in batting. After which, AB De Villiers never looked back and joined South Africa’s local cricket team Titanus at the young age of just 19 on the strength of his unique talent. After that, at the age of just 20, he got a place in the South African team where he made his international cricket debut on 17 December 2004.

In which AB De Villiers joined the South Africa team for the Test match against England. And then on 2 February 2005, he made his ODI (One Day International) debut and then made his T20I debut against Australia on 24 February 2006. But the turning point of the life of AB De Villiers came when he scored a double-century in the Test against India in the year 2008, from here, AB De Villiers changed his cricket life completely and then how many records AB De Villiers have Named and broke them as well.

personal life of AB DE Villiers

As far as the personal life of AB De Villiers is concerned, here you will definitely see something that you will say that you are great AB De Villiers, because many Fans also know that AB De Villiers own The second house considers India itself and believes that why India is such a country, it makes everyone like it. Well do you know that AB De Villiers, his childhood friend Danele whom he loves very much, propelled Danielle to Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful places in India, after which Danele also They accepted this proposal and later they also got married to each other, as well as two little princesses were born to both of them named Abraham and John.

AB De Villiers is not only an amazing cricket player but he is also a multi-talented human being who plays and specializes in everything from Singing to Golf. All our fans here hope that AB De Villiers always continues to impress us with his game and always be happy. So let’s end this article here and see you in another article. But wait! stop! There is still something rather.

short AB De Villiers Biography

  • Full Name \ Real Name- Abraham Benjamin De Villiers
  • Nickname- Mr. 360, ABD
  • Profession- Cricketer
  • Age – 36 (At Present)
  • Birthplace- Bela-Bela, South Africa
  • Hometown- Pretoria, South Africa
  • Nationality- South Africa
  • Zodiac –Aquarius
  • Weight- 45 Kg
  • Height- 5feet 9 inch
  • Date of Birth- 17 February, 1984
  • School- Warmbaths Primary School, Pretoria Boy’s High School
  • Qualification- High School
  • College-Not Attended
  • Religion- Christianity
  • Foodie Type- Non-Vegetarian
  • Wife- Danielle De Villiers
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Favorite Player- Virat Kohli, Wasim Akram and Jonty Rhodes
  • Hobbies- Traveling, Singing, Golf, Swimming
  • Net Worth – 20 Million
  • Fees Per Match- 1 million

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